Small Affiliate Problem - Need some urgent advice

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    I'm in the process of setting up an online business where my primary source of income will come from affiliate sales. The micro-niche I'm working in is not very big and there are a couple of important products that I need to promote in order to make the business work. These two important products are provided by one particular business that is quite influential in a parent niche to mine. I've contacted this business and the owner seems more than happy to set up a B2B relationship with me however here is my problem....

    The business with the two products doesn't have any kind of affiliate script on his website and he said he has no plans to add one in the future. So, can someone please tell me how I can track any referrals I send their way if there isn't an affiliate script involved. Is there any other way to go about this that I haven't thought of yet? (other than collecting leads and handing them over as they come - this model requires a lot of trust for someone I hardly know - Unless he pays for leads instead of a commission on sales.)

    I'm hoping there is another way because I plan on making contact with other business owners and setting up more b2b relationships like this.

    Please advise what you would do in my shoes???

    NOTE: I really want to collect commission on sales rather than just sell leads because the products are high valued. Plus, commission on sales doesn't require a customer call-back like leads do.

    Please help me with some advice. I'm sure there must be many people on here who have had a similar situation themselves in the past. Providing these two products is KEY to my business and without them it just wouldn't be worth the trouble. Plus, there isn't any alternatives here in the UK. (location is also key BTW)