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Apr 18, 2016
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I got into the make money on the internet game in 2014. I coded up a website for months that I never pushed live after speaking with lawyers. The site was legal and required legit and bank lawyers to cover my backside. I didn't have bank. And the techno-hipster-brogrammer-ycombinator-grad-seed-funded-stanford-drop-out-start-up-macbook-totting types I talked with seemed bojack horseman and more importantly capitalized on disadvantageous financing terms from the side of the finance I'd be on.

So I reprioritized to getting bank and going unicorn later. I picked up a internet-based lead selling gig for a business through luck. And, I had jack idea how to money on the internet. But, just like when my folks taught me to swim or drown by tossing me in a lake, I figured I'd bank up or anger the business owner. Plus, I didn't drown the first time around. And, making people mad is generally more survivable than drowning. And, I've already written code that effects every single human being currently alive and in the general vicinity of the global economy every single day. How hard can sell stuff on the internet really be?

The site poked along very unremarkably at first. But, then by learning, measuring, and testing little by little, the site grew. This is the lesson I want you other 'how do i internet money noobs' to take away from this post: Learn a little. Measure a little. Test a little. Invent a little. Drop the stuff that doesn't work. Keep the stuff that does. Go back to learn a little. Most everyone starts out eating ramen.

It's been over a year since I started the site and the site's gone from ramen-is-too-expensive to i-can-autopay-rent-without-checking-my-bank-account. This is a small accomplishment since I still use plastic christmas trees for both lighting and holiday cheer. But, I like to frame my income in terms of how many years of my life I'd need to give up working in some post-MBA-management-corporate-world grey walled cubicle farm checking action items of lists slightly too messy for the average corporate COBOL programmer to write a script to do. And, by that metric I've saved at least a year of my life.

All of my learn, test, measure, invent, and drop process so far has focused on on-site optimization. Prettier graphics. Better copy. Lower load times. A cleaner user experience. Targeting keywords with specific pages via page text and URLs. Creating keyword specific SEO heavy pages by the hundred. All this stuff works. And, all this stuff is small taters. But, dear other noobs, its all totally worth doing. Doubling a conversion rate doubles your bank regardless of the legit traffic source your converting into a hot new mercedes (car or squeeze). So when you do hit it big on google or facebook your big is now twice as big thanks to all the onsite work you did.

Right now, I'm learning the blackhat SEO game. Specifically, I'm learning and coding up my very own comment spam game. Why? I can use the comment spam hustle and some of those sweet tier 1 backlinks to SERP up my money site. I'll let you people know what's up with drafting my 1337 comment spam robo-dream team in a week or so. I've gotten my money site on the bottom of the first page slash top of the second page via guest posting but the site has hovered around this spot for the past few months despite ample more guest posting.

I've read a fair bit about using tiers to increase higher tier page and domain authority (learn). I know my site is hovering around spot 10 (measure). And, now I'm working on the comment spam software to see the effect of comment spam on my pages rankings by jacking up tier one links (test).

Edit: Not quite the title I had in mind before I prematurely posted, but c'est la vie.
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