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    Hey, my name's Bryce. My mother got involved with this affiliate marketing a while ago, and i stumbled accross this site today, she seems to be going the "white hat way". So i have heard a lot about this in the past few months and have been encouraged to get involved myself, at first i didnt believe people make money doing this, but right now it seems that people really are!

    Where would i post questions, i would like to promote some things on clickbank maybe, but there's a lot of other methods that I have seen as well such as pay per click and install. I understand that, with things like clickbank that i need to create blogs (or promote on fiverr).

    I work in construction mainly but get a lot of days off and i'm on the computer all the time anyways, so what are some of the most effective methods in order to obtain profits in this industry? I dunno if this is the right place to be asking this question, but it certainly needs asking.

    Anyhow, happy new years and all that, and I look forward to learning how to persure possible avenues of work.
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    Hello Bryce! :)
    Welcome to BHW, man.
    And Happy New Year. ;)
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    To answer your question: People don't like to spoonfeed you as it means you are too lazy to research things on your own. If you run into a problem you will find loads of people willing to help you, but asking for "working methods" or how to make the most money will just get you bitch slapped.

    Just read a lot, also take a look at some Journey's, and pick something you like. In the end this is advertizing, nothing more and nothing less, in my humble opinion of course.
    Also don't make it a goal to "go black" but rather use it to supplement your white stuff.

    Others might disagree with the above but I am Amsterdammer and I approve this message. :whee:

    Have fun. :)