Skin / Diet Ads = bing

Discussion in 'Yahoo & MSN' started by lauraalles, Apr 18, 2016.

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    May 10, 2015
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    I'll search bing for "anti aging skin" or "lose belly fat", I see skin / diet ads that are being cloaked. Yes, I cloak. But I get flagged even before I get to that point (exactly at the time, I make ads). I'll have my bing accounts live, ill have impressions and clicks even... But the second I make the ad, boom = fucked.

    I've tried testing different words to NOT use (example; the word skin, cream, serum, or say oz, belly fat, etc).

    I've tried landing pages relevant, and not relevant to the niche.

    Anyone have any insight? pm me, willing to pay even. Irritating me really. I have no problems on google.