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    So I started a thread a few days ago containing a niche list, but as I went through the keywords for each niche I found that some keywords hardly get enough exact match searches a month.

    As I'm just starting out I figured that it would be easier to build websites and get a solid flow of traffic to them and then only approach businesses.

    It's important to actually be able to deliver a lot of new leads when renting out a site because otherwise you can't expect clients to stay with you for a long time.

    So to find out which niches are getting the most searches I typed only my city name into the keyword tool and ticked the "Only show ideas closely related to my search terms" box, as well as exact search only on the left.

    Then click on the "Local monthly seaches" column header to rank it according to local searches.

    This brings up a list of all the keywords searched for containing your city name.

    Next, tick only the keywords that involve a niche. Weed out all the useless keywords.

    Then download the keyword list in excel format.

    Now what I have done to take it a step further is group all related keywords together and worked out the total amount of exact searches for each niche.

    So "dentist in city" and "city dentist" would fall underneath the dentist niche and their monthly searches get added together to give the entire dentist niche a search volume estimate.

    Now just rank niches according to their sum total amounts.

    And there you have it, a list of niches that you can actually provide real value to.

    This helps a lot now since I know which niches I can already start making websites for before even contacting business owners.

    Then once I'm ranking and pulling in a ton of visitors each day it will be pretty easy to show prospective clients awesome looking stats.

    And since the top niches will be getting a ton of traffic you can ask a lot more for each site.

    Another step you can take is involving the lifetime customer value of each niche to further help identify the best niches. I'm colour coding mine, red is for high value, yellow average and green low.

    So "conference venues" would be red and "restaurants" would be green.

    Let me know if you guys have any questions or better techniques.:cool:
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    Good stuff there man. Some cities/towns are just so small you won't get a big search volume number due to the small population. But then again it might be easy peasy to rank your site there due to the low competition.
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    Thanks for sharing and it is really a valuable and informative post. I will be starting a niche site soon based on your information and helpful tips asap.
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    nice approach, will definitely make use of that to find a few other niches..