Site Ranking Stuck. Advice, Please!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by phas3d, Oct 19, 2010.

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    Reworked a simple one page profile/resume/portfolio site last June. Site is less than a year old. At that time I also bought Scrapebox and began practicing on sites, including my personal blog.

    My blog is well SEO optimized and around two unique articles get posted per week. Articles are tweeted.

    Like I said, I began doing modest scrapebox link building. I bought a couple of back links packages off this forum and have done 2 xrumer blasts.

    My site had already been indexed. From June to August my site rose for my main keywords from 250+ to mid 20's. Excellent, I thought. Between August to mid September my site rose to #15 for my main keywords. Not bad, I thought.

    Since around September 18th though my site hasn't budged at all. It's been at #15 for a month now. In the past month I have done more articles, pinging, scrapeboxing, bought another round of back links and one more xrumer blast. Still no movement either up or down AT ALL!!!!

    The rest of the competition hasn't budged at all either. Based on analysis of some of the sites ahead of me I should be in the mid area of the first page by now. The only thing most sites ahead of me have is age of domain, keyword stuffing and keyword in domain.

    I'd just like an opinion or two here on what could be happening. I could see ranking dropping a bit or rising a bit before moving again but i've never seen a bunch of sites stay exactly in the same position on Google for a keyword for a month. Weird!

    I recently purchased another service from this forum that includes link wheel, angela links, and a modest xrumer blast (from a well respected member here) so I'm hoping that will show some movement.

    Any advice?
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    It sounds to me like ninety percent of your backlinks are coming from the same types of sources, ie. profile links with xrumer and angela etc. You might want to diversify a bit and maybe run some articles through a blog network like BuildMyRank or Linkvana to get some higher pr backlinks coming in.

    Usually when I get stuck in the serps I find that a simple twist in my promotion methods will get it moving again.
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    just keep at it. get some decent niche authoritative links and carry on what your doing.

    I was in the same position for 3 months and i just persisted. Im now sitting at 6th and doing the same thing.

    Try looking at how your competitors rank.

    Is funny cos i use mainly profile links, one competitor uses directories and the other just articles. Now if i combine all three Ill smack it.

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    Mostly all my links are coming from blog networks ....I will now diversify and fly high:)

    I have a lot of sites that are in the top 100 and the top 30 thanks for the tips...I will implement and never give up on this!