Site loosing traffic, how to get back stronger ?

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    Hello All,

    I got two sites with the same pattern of traffic loss in german language.

    Site are updated 3/4 times a month and i am not very actively building links.

    The sites are 2.5 years old plus and both rank with the same average as below.

    u can see the traffic decrease below. something strange is position are not moving so much but CTR is very irregular.

    so now i would like ur opinion about what shall i do ? i was thinking some guest post over the period of +2 month using a mix of exact match anchor plus some forums posts.

    What would be your call ?





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    Wow 3%-4% CTR for 10.1 is very low, i think you should some work on your snippet and see if it improves your CTR.

    Here is mine 2 months old site, (resurrected from an old domain)

    Guest posts would be a good start, i personally think it is better to have homepage links, your call though.