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    Hi Guys,

    I'm a long time lurker at BHW but thought now would be a good time to give back with all the stuff I've learned here and post a case study I'm doing on site flipping, which is where I made my initial start in internet marketing back in 2008. I didn?t seriously look into it as a revenue stream, however I read a really good WSO recently that went into site flipping in some depth and decided to give it another go.

    Back when I was first starting in IM, I sold a few very low quality blogs on flippa for a few hundred dollars each. Nothing spectacular, but it was enough to give me a bit of start up capital for doing other things. On a whim, I went over to the godaddy auctions site and had a look over the domains that were available. I saw a few that I liked and went in search of where I could get traffic from without involving google.

    I?m not adverse to google traffic, or SEO; I just wanted to find a way to immediately start generating traffic for my site as soon as it was up. I headed over to stumbleupon and started to look through their categories to see what were popular and think through what domains I could get under these categories.

    I picked out two domains for testing purposes, one a 4 year old PR zero domain and the other a one year old PR zero domain. I bought both and am currently waiting on the domain transfer to go through. The first one will be transferred to me on the 12th of May. The first one is very micro niche, however I had a brainwave on how to monetize it. Even though it is a small niche, the price of the products within it are pretty high, so I started to contact product sellers within the niche to speak to them about advertising.

    The email I sent to the owners is below, however I?ve excluded the domain and niche until the case study is over and I?ve flipped the site:

    in under 24 hours I had a response from one of the site owners, asking for more information. I explained my plan to get some top quality articles written, start to drive traffic and in a few weeks I?d come back to him once I got everything set up and we could discuss a lead gen arrangement. The product seller?s response is below:

    How cool is that? No website up, nothing at all happening on the site yet and already I have an interested customer. So my plan of action on this project for the next week?

    • Work on this site First! The other can wait because I don?t have a potential interested advertiser for that yet.
    • Get wordpress set up with a really nice looking theme
    • Create at least 20 Unique Articles relating to the niche and add to wordpress with the delayed posting function over a number of days.
    • Get Social Media Set up for this project and find interesting articles to add to facebook/tweet about
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    Cool, good luck and keep checking your thread.
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    Sounds like a good plan.