Simple ways to rank a Micro Niche Site or outsource recommendations?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by tokyojoe, Jun 8, 2016.

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    I am just starting to build my semi-retirement micro niche empire and looking for ideas and recommendations for giving the sites a boost.

    As my plan is to run over 100 sites, I probably would not have time to do the SEO myself so I am currently looking at alternative methods. Obviously a lot of outsourcing is cost prohibitive due to that the sites will probably only make $10-$20 a week each, but say an initial investment of $20-$50 per site with a yearly top up I think would be viable.

    Has anyone gone down these routes before and what should I be looking for in a seller? Backlinks, web 2.0s, etc ???

    I have thought about starting up my own PBN, but that in itself is time consuming.

    I would also prefer to be using white hat methods than black as longevity in the sites is important and I don't really want to get banned by Adsense or Amazon Associates. Time also is not important as this is a one year plan to a regular income not a get rich quick scheme even thought it would be nice to make some cash immediately.

    I am currently in the process of putting the first 20 sites up, and with each one I will probable test a different method to see which ones work best.

    Any recommendations would be great :)
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    Honestly, I think you are daydreaming. To say that you want to run 100 sites, but having no idea how to rank them is kinda crazy. You don't want to do SEO yopurself, but you only have $20-50 initial investment and with that want to rank top 10, or even top 3? (not to mention your sites earnings are probably miles off in either direction depending on the quality of your content)

    If it was that easy, don't you think everyone would be doing that?

    I think what you need to do is start one site. Spend a lot of time on its content(providing more value than any competitors) and rank it yourself just to see how it really works.
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    You're already putting up 20 sites but don't have a good SEO plan for a single one of them? Drop 19 of them for the time being and get 1 up and running.
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    Sounds like your plan has a huge flaw in it.

    I would suggest you make them on Wordpress and then use a centralised login management (I think jetpack does that) to mange them

    Get some acceptable (filler) content queued to dripfeed.

    Get some decent links pointing at them (perhaps QUALITY Web 2.0's that you can continue to add relevant content to) and then build tier 2/3 to those.

    You can't retire, it's not possible with your plan.
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    Since you did mention that you are going to be building a micro-niche "empire" and this is part of semi-retirement, you might want to think twice about outsourcing your backlinks.

    You have to understand that the moment you outsource backlink generation, there's always a temptation to cut corners.

    Unfortunately, since the person who's building the links isn't building it for himself, this temptation might be too hard to resist.

    Since you are saying that this might be part of your semi-retirement, you might be building your empire on sand.

    Sure, it would be nice to get nice ranking and nice flow of traffic, but it's really not doing you any favors if this traffic flow is short-lived.

    I hope you can see where I'm coming from.

    If I were you, I would just work on building backlinks as naturally as possible.

    Your post is in the white hat section of this forum so let's keep it all white hat.

    You might think that getting links is a pain the butt.

    It doesn't have to be.

    If you have set up your micro-niche sites properly and you have a good grasp of the organic keywords that are related to your niche, you might want to stock your niche sites with quality


    Once you've done that, you can then hire a virtual assistant to find related blogs or non-competing blogs that would want to interview you.

    You then create these unique interviews and then basically ask these websites to publish.

    It's a win-win situation.

    You get a backlink and they get free content.

    Of course, this takes quite a bit of legwork.

    It also takes quite a bit of time.

    The good news is you can outsource some of these steps.