Simple way to make money with domain names

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    This is a simple way to make money with domain names, you can use .info domains if you want, they are cheaper as you will already know. This is all you need to do.

    1.Research keywords that pay better per click or are high paying keywords

    2.Register a domain with those keywords in them, so for example if you want to targert insurance or credit related clicks register a domain name like say, ( That domain name will be gone but something along those lines,

    3.Register with a domain parking company , i use these guys as they are fairly new and there is less chance of getting flagged

    Sign to domain parking company here

    4.Once you have signed up to the domain parkng company and have parked your domain name make sure you put the high paying keywords in the parking panel keywords option in your domain parking panel

    So it would be like this

    Domain parked : (

    Keywords: Auto insurance

    There will be many high paying keywords out there so a little research will help you.

    You will be able to create a landing page template so take that little extra time (About 5 mins) and select a nice template (Its all automated so its easy)

    5.Now the revenue part of the scheme, With domain parking you only get paid when someone clicks on the ads on your domain names parking page (No need for a sign up etc just a click) and the company i use as above pay 90% of the click to you.

    So you will need traffic and clicks that is the main part now after the above has been completed.

    Ok your domain name is set up and your keywords are chosen and your landing page is ready to go, now you need to get the traffic and the clicks.So i would recomend doing the below, you might have other ways but it will give you a idea.

    6.Buy some junk traffic, most of the ads will be from USA companies so to stay under the radar i would buy USA junk traffic. You will have other ways to get traffic but this is simple example.

    7.Now you need clicks, To get these you will have your own method but this is what I would do. First of all you need to join microworkers or another service like that, Here is a list of them below. These are sites where people will do small tasks for a small amount of money, from say 0.10

    So sign up to one of these below, i prefer microworkers but i use all the below,

    Now once you have signed up with them you will see options to hire as many employees as you like to do work for you, And in this instance we want them to click on the adverts on our domains parking page, You pay them to do this and they send you proof to showing you that they have done the task, You can select employees from europe, usa, and anywhere in the world, For high paying keywords it would need to be from people from the usa or uk who click on these, Unless of course they are high paying keywords from another country where you would select what country the employees come from.

    Now another great alternative to using the above is to use a

    What you can do is select traffic from any country and select the click rate on the ads on your parking page upto 30% click through rate,

    Ok that is it, start making alot from domain parking and stay under radar, So to recap you need to do the following

    1.Sign up to the domain parking company here

    2.Buy some junk traffic from the usa or wherever you want

    3.Buy some clicks from the below companies

    4.Really go hard if you want and buy a ppc package from

    I make quite alot from this method, give it ago, does not cost much to start and the benefits are really good :)
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    kooool Buddy.... can you please support me in this way? i gonna taste this method :rolleyes: