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Simple way to get traffic and email lists

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by andyat11, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. andyat11

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    Apr 3, 2011
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    Alright, I've been on BHW for quite a while, more lately than before, but I am here to give you my gold that has helped me rank and also drive traffic. This can be White-Hat or even Black-Hat, the white-hat approach is probably the best way because in the end run it will pay for itself. This is not a complete guide to guide you into the riches but a simple thing that you could do to drive mainly product sales up.

    Customers love free products right? Who doesn't. But, we don't like giving free things away because that way we don't make money. So here's what we do. We create a Contest, for me it will normally be around $400 item. That way we aren't digging TOO much from our budget, but in the end you WILL make more as long as you do it right.

    What I have done in the past was create a wordpress blog on the specific product and had many landing pages in place. Also, pages on various related products or even more information on the product, depending on whether your blog is on a niche or specific product.

    So now we have our blog all set up and now it's time to get this contest rolling. We are going to use the plugin called "ContestHopper" and we are going to incorporate that in our blog. That contest software will make your life so easy, especially the fact that you can get people to verify there email upon entering, allows one browser entry but also allows additional entries (if wanted, I recommend using it). The user will enter there name and email and submit. I now have access to there name and email. We will keep this information for later (potential customer).

    Now we have to get some hype going. Google "submit contest" and "submit sweepstakes" and now enter your contest info in to all the sites you can find. The more, the better. Why I say this, although most of them are do not follow backlinking, there are a few good sites with PR that do follow and those are going to help you out later on in SERP. Contest websites get a lot of traffic, so if you submit a good contest, you could see around 100-200 Unique and best part yet targeted traffic.

    Social media is key too and that is why having the referral option on the contest is great because people promote it on facebook and twitter, but also the plugin encourages others to promote it on FB, Twitter and google plus. The more hype your contest gets the greater the reward.

    Now that you have all these email address's (I would write up a little contest rules stating that the user agrees to join your mailing list) and it's time you want to send off an email to your visitors. You install a plugin like SendPress something simple that you can hook up your gmail too. And you export your participants from your contest and import them into the sendpress or whatever you choose to send bulk emails. Now, you can promote to the users new contests, posts or even products and send them to your landing page. The possibilities are endless.

    How this can become black-hat is you simply select a fake email or yourself as the winner. But, I like to give back to people as I am not as greedy as some. Take from this post what you want and I hope this helps some of you.