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    Want to learn how to trick the CPA networks into thinking all of your leads came from your blog/site?!

    Here is a EASY way to do this using php...


    in your index.php file you put this...


    then this...

    if ($offer=='offerIDornamehere') {
    echo "<meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"0;URL=CPA_OFFER_URL_HERE\">";}

    Currently I have A LOT of these if statements so if you want to add a second, third, etc... use elseif for the second, third, etc...

    you can also put variables in the cpa offers, like users name on your blog or whatever. I also have a few postbacks on the cpa offers that let me know the user name if they come from my facebook apps ;)

    **EDIT: I use bitly links so the users can't see the additional variables on the end of the url. When they click on it they will see that it goes to my domain first then refreshes to the redirected page, but that's only for a second and people won't care about it... I have had GREAT success with this and CPA networks won't be able to track em ;)
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