Simple rapidshare/file hostings time delay bypass


Jun 28, 2010
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I want to share my method for bypassing time delays on rapidshare. It works on some other sites (works with depositfiles), too:

you go to the site, random ex.: rapidshare c0m /files/352694273/My_Twisted_Autoblog_Method.pdf , click on "free user" and you'll be on the download page.

now, press CTRL+U (to view the page source code), press CTRL+F (to search something..) and write '.pdf' or whatever the extension of the file is (.zip for zip files, .rar for rar files, etc.) and search for a URL that ends with the file extension (press F3), you'll see something like: rs127l32.rapidshare c0m /files/352694273/3200093/My_Twisted_Autoblog_Method.pdf .

then copy that URL and paste it in ANOTHER browser or your favorite download manager (I'm using wget..) and press enter to download it. first time it will download a HTML file, so just repeat this last step (i.e., download the file again...) you'll get the file :)

I hope it works for you, it does for me ;) (I'm using noscript, so, if this method doesn't work for you, it's because rapidshare has some JS code to prevent this to work)

Please, forgive me if I made a mistake, english is not my ative language.