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    This may be a completely simple question and I'm just not thinking but in PC like bing ads, say if there were 100 people bidding for keywords this week, and next week there were 200 people bidding. I know the price would go up but how will this effect impressions?
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    You'll probably get less impressions because of all the people bidding. On their side it's all about maximizing their Revenue,

    So for example: lets say you were the #1 bidder the first week.

    In this situation, the first impression (the first time a visitor hits the page) they'll see your ad. Depending on what your frequency cap is, your ad may show a few more times, but you'll get the first impression, so you'll get the most volume because your ad is showing first. A person, (depending on the website) may only hit the page 10-15 times, so lets say the #2 bidder gets impression #2, the #3 bidder gets impression #3 and so on.

    Lets say next week, the other 100 extra people come in bidding, and they all bid higher than you.

    Now you're position #101. Lets say that same visitor comes, impression #1 goes to bidder #1, etc etc, after 20 page views, the user leaves, so only 20 impressions were served to bidders #1-20, now in this case, you were in line at #101, so you won't get any impression.

    Obviously there's more to take into account, like CTR, budget, etc, but in the end it's all about their eCPM. That's the simple explanation though.
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