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Simple Online Room Booking System needed

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by BlackArcher, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. BlackArcher

    BlackArcher Registered Member

    Apr 11, 2009
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    Simple Online Room Booking System needed

    Need to replace a current online room booking system. Hosted on Linux.

    Need to do up only the front end for guest to book a room and the back end system ? reservations details, etc.

    Requirements as follows:

    1)Room allocation

    -There are 5 types of room with a default room rate

    -Each type of room will have a default number of rooms available on a particular day

    -System will auto subtract the number of rooms booked from number of rooms available

    -Can manually add in new rooms that are made available (check out) onto the system

    -System allows for hotel to set special rates for a certain date range (special occasions ? Christmas, new year etc) overwrites the default rate for that particular special occasion.


    -System to allow the guest to book different types of rooms for different nights at one go.

    - Can view reservations of the day

    - Can archive past reservations and view when we enter the date

    - Reservation of the day ? can be printed out by us and acknowledge by us

    - An email with guest details and room/date details will be sent to us and to the Guest upon successful booking made with reservation code.

    -Guest can modify and cancel reservation by going back to the system

    3) User Management

    - Allow >1 users to login. Different user can login to the system to look at the bookings

    - No need special user rights ? all users have the same rights


    ? We are considering 2 types of payment mode ? online and offline via credit card

    -Online ? payment is charged automatically for a deposit

    -Offline ? credit card details is recorded but not charged, only charged when the guest is checking in (on site), but need to have the credit card verified.

    Is there a script available for customization?

    Please kindly PM me via your fee, what you will be providing, suggestions and time frame needed.