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    Ask your mom
    I have a Simple doubt.

    Today I was browing through warrior forum and I saw those WSO's and they had a buy now button so that we can purchase it. Now my question is how do they automatically generate a download link after the payment. What's the trick behind that?

    You can get a automated link with e-junkie or plimus but when you make a direct payment how do you automatically generate a new download link everytime?

    I know many of you must be knowing about this.

    Pls let me know how do they do it
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    1. when you purchase, they randomly create a string of characters, like kjj4Dgfdjk or whatever, store that in a database
    2. the url will be something like www.
    3. the have url rewriting with apache, so that is actually pointing to something like download?id=kjj4Dgfdjk
    4. when you click it, it checks in the database that that id exists, maybe confirms it with a cookie that they gave you and boom, download
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