Simple New Year Gift - GP exploit for Offliners

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    I use this method and grab several new clients just with one call. I do not guarantee this method will work for you, but surely it is work for me :p

    Ok just make it simple:

    1. You need 10 similar offline small business in your own city (why? because it easier to visit)
    2. Check if they are have website (if yes, check their rank in Google LOCAL)
    3. Pull down the niche keywords of their business (one offline business one sets of keywords - you can use market samurai for this job)
    4. Check with google local if they are listed on 7 packs Google Place

    Note: The most important thing is to locate keywords that related on their business which they are not have comp on Google 7 packs placement, don't worry about it is not buying keyword. Just make sure comp in GP very easy to rank :)

    5. create gmail with keyword in username
    6. create google place WITH THEIR LOCATION (just make a best guest pin point location do not need exact) BUT DO NOT PUT YOUR DATA on signup (your phone number etc)
    7. Put keyword in company and put teir business name in desc... choose right business category... add picture (careful choose a related pic)
    8. take GP URL --> submit to yellows --> ping your yellows
    9. wait 2-3 days --> your map must be on 7 packs for your targeted keyword (remember no #4)

    Note: once again make sure your targeted keyword do not have comp in 7 pack. For how to optimize GP you can search at download area, they are many of them.

    10. ring your local biz target and say you want to talk to owner because you already gave them free services that already boost their internet appearance (use your creativity to build up introduction sentences :D ) --> encourage them to look at google to search your keyword (thats why the keyword must be relevant to their business)
    11. Set an appointment to meet to discuss what you already gave (Google local listing) --> create very short presentation on why GP is very crucial


    12. Let them know that you have internet appearance services, then make some speech how social and local listing will boost their sales more than 300% in one month. show them how facebook page already a playground of big company etc...etc...etc
    13. Just make sure you already contacted with other similar business in your city (you got their detail right :D, but says you cant give them the detail because it not ethical)
    14. Use this words to close: I choose your company to be contacted first because you offer more benefit to consumers than other company in our area. So, I want to help you spread your benefit larger.
    15. Close the deal...

    Note: If they are agree to your service than back to your listing and rehearse your GP listing with their info. If not move to other business owner, rise and repeat. If they do not have website offer a simple wordpress site (this is your upsell)

    16. Repeat this process till 7 packs in that keyword all yours (sell them one by one)

    If you do this in one month you will have around of 4-5 consumers that will pay your service monthly (if you charge $200 a month you will have add income around $1000 while you virtually do not maintenance anything - remember that your selected keyword already in 7 packs google). You also can upsell more of your services such as FB marketing, fanpage management etc.

    So... Happy new year folks and have a blessed year ever....
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