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    Well i just thought this up and i am soon to test it but here it is.

    You will need:
    Freebie Website

    Well i posted a fake ad on CL to test a different method i provided a email i dont normally use to it and i checked it once i checked it i had came up with a idea.

    I thought that since i made a fake ad about a ipad i'd send those people who are seeking one a way to get one(for free) and even provide a tutorial.

    By doing this i would get referrals and be able to get my reward.

    This plan isnt full proof and some people dont believe in freebie sites it which is why if you do this you should provide some proof and be good with words to persuade them.

    *Does who dont know about freebie site they are legit(most of them).
    They work pretty simple you first
    1.Complete a Offer
    2.Refer Others To same
    3.Get Paid!
    Ive personally used FreebieJeebies and i got paid 3 times through PayPal.
    There Payout is also pretty good.*
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    Egh. At least your thinking up ideas on new things which is good but this doesn't seem very appealing. Good to see you're a Ghost In the Shell fan too though Laughing-Man.