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Simple method for producers only.

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by thekidwithstars, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. thekidwithstars

    thekidwithstars BANNED BANNED

    Mar 6, 2014
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    How many beat makers/instrumentalists/music producers have been popping up on YouTube lately? If you're in to the Hip Hop scene you know it's a lot. It's even safe to say that the beat market is flooded. People say, "Hey I can do that." Then they go off and create their own site and get no traffic because they didn't come on BHW and learn some tactics.

    Anyway here's something cool I just thought of that involves Fiverr. Requires a little bit of mula but you need money to make money right. Not even Moses can pour from empty, or something like that.

    1. Create a Fiverr account.
    2. Have some pre-made beats ready to go for sale as gigs. Fill up as many gigs as possible.
    3. Find a service on Fiverr that will promote your Fiverr page (Fiverrception). There are a bunch of them under Online Marketing. Try to weed through the scams cuz some scummy people like to use bots for their promotion and this will be of absolutely no help to us lol. Spam at least 10 of these services, so your out $50 so far big deal.
    4. I have yet to try this myself but I would say at least within a week you should be receiving a lot of orders/requests for your beats. Now comes the easy work. Once your ranked on this site I think all you have to do is maintain it. And selling your beats on a very popular site like Fiverr is infinitely better than selling on your own site cuz Fiverr is really popular.
    5. I can make a beat in like 1 minute. Especially if I'm selling Fiverr beats and not trying to make a name for myself on YouTube, who cares about the quality too much? Just get the job done.
    6. Profit ????

    It's easy money. It's hard to drive traffic especially in the beginning it can get frustrating but just keep going and you'll be happy when the money comes in. The key here I guess is to become a competitive, ranked seller on Fiverr. Once you reach that level you'll be receiving a lot of orders. Very nice.

    Oh and then the extra icing on the cake is that once you become a ranked seller or whatever, you can add extra pricing options to your gigs. So you can charge people like $60, beautiful money.
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  2. peterpan498

    peterpan498 Newbie

    Jan 14, 2013
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    nice idea - wouldnt have thought of this approach
  3. biana413

    biana413 Newbie

    Apr 4, 2014
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    Nice, I might try this. I make hip hop beats :cool:
  4. jimmylegs

    jimmylegs Senior Member

    Oct 1, 2013
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    Way too many people make "beats" is all rehashed crap from the next guy for the most part.