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    The keywords/niches below is simply an example of my situation,

    ancient medieval warriors
    medieval ancient warriors
    ancient knight warriors
    knights medieval warriors

    I've come across a problem similar to what is above. I have found a series a keywords all with varying search volumes, CPC, and competitions. Should I just go for the niche that has the best stats? Do these alterations overlap each other in some way? Are they all the same in the end? If they are, why do they have such varying stats in CPC, search volume, etc.

    Like lets say the top one only has a SEOC of 90,000 and the second one has 200,000. If I target the first one (90,000) will I just end up be competing with the 200,000 keywords since the words are so similar?

    What I'm asking is; when you come across a series of keywords like this, which keyword/niche do you choose? Which one is best for Adsense? Just a semi-noob looking to hear about your guys process!

    Please help! Thanks!
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    every keyword phrases however may have same meaning but have their own popularity. There is huge randomness in world's understanding of english language. in one region of world one synonym may be popular while other synonym may be popular in some other part of world.
    You cant guess, you can believe on basis of your personal knowledge of language and experience. This is why stats come into scenario. Stats are mathematical things, so go for the one with better stats.

    Hope it helps