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    Aug 14, 2014
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    I am redoing my site. Trying to make a silo structured site.

    Is this right?

    Lets say it is about dogs

    PKW dogs

    SKW dog food - dog color- dog house "these would be pages" They link back to home

    pedigree - black - heated dog houses - These are posts pointing to each page
    alpo - green - cooled dog houses

    The posts will link back to the respective page. AND also to another POST in the same silo group. Is this correct?

    I have a few plugins that can do this, but I am trying to do it manually..

    I create a page dog food- then create a post Pedigree and put it in the dog food category.

    When I do that and click on the nav bar for dog food it does not have the post there.

    How can I add that? I know I can go to the menus and add them as a sub category and have a drop down window, but not sure if this will work.

    Can any experts help me? Trying to streamline my plugins, but as much as a noob I am I may need them ​

    I hope this I explained this well.