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    I need your suggestion about Silo for Wordpress.

    I run a website which is a couple of months old and would like to implement Silos.
    I have products reviews on my site covering around 7 differents products type.

    I am currently individual categories for each product review type. Each category contains all the reviews.

    Here is my structure for now (example) :
    Car Reviews: All Car Review inside this category
    Phone Reviews : All phone reviews inside this category.


    I am wondering if i should change my structure to:

    My main issue is i use mega menu in WordPress and it would be impossible for me to use a category to structure my main silo page for reviews (/reviews/)

    If my understanding is good of Silo a proper silo would mean to have a very strong /reviews/ pages with a lot of content on it introducing the top reviews for each category.

    From them i should have such permalink structure
    /reviews/phone-reviews/samsung-s8-review/ etc...

    with one link in each review pointing to category the article belong too.

    Ex : /iphone-7review/ shall link to /reviews/phone-reviews/
    and /reviews/phone-reviews/ shall link to /iphone-7review/

    Pls correct me if i am wrong.

    So far i understand my only option would be to use "pages" and use "parent page" function in wordpress page option.

    Option 2 i have is to use virtual silo and only leverage on internal linking so permalink would be /iphone-7review/ without category in the url...

    Could you please let me know your opinion about what i shall do for optimal results ?

    Thanks for your answers
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    I will never get it why the URL is treated the MOST important aspect in silo..

    when in FACT it is the linking of the pages and how.
    and the WHAT to throw out..

    have fun
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    Very true! Its more about "what to throw out"