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    Affiliates Program
    For your site, blog, forum, Facebook, Twitter ?

    Welcome in to the partner program Partner can be an individual or a company which is registered as a partner in our program.
    New partners must register in the partner program and select the URL, which is set for each user.
    Link: .info?affiliates=78
    URL Parameter: ?affiliates=78
    Pretty: .info/affiliates/78
    (number 78 is the number of partner)
    URL is a website address that you used for advertising / promotion
    For a better appearance of your URL, we have also included bannner?s of differente sizes
    Link or banner can be promoted on your site, blog, forum, Facebook, Twitter ?
    Partners receive compensation for their services, and then $ 2 per new customer, which is registered in our services. So for the reception of signals.
    The initial fee is $ 2 and up to $ 5. This will depend on the performance of a partner!
    Minimum payment of earnings is $ 10
    Affiliate Program offers a lucrative opportunity to replace the monthly wage. Our partner program is flexible, so partners can depend of there investment of time and effort to enjoy equal salary.

    For partnership send me PM!