Should I use international targeting in webmaster tools?

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    Apr 29, 2014
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    Hello I am making a few niche sites.

    One i plan to monetize via adsense and the other via amazon and ebay affiliates.

    The second site has lot of searches in United STATES AND ALSO GLOBALLY. over 100,000 for the main keyword in US only and 150,000 globally (lot of competition so i dont expect to rank for it within few months) ) and around 30-40k for other secondary keywords in US which are basically long tail keywords which i am targeting and expect to rank for to get targeted traffic.

    My question is: Should i set "US" as targeted country in webmaster tools in google?

    The domain is .com

    My thinking is that setting US will help me getting quick rankings in US.

    The negative impact can be google will want to not consider my site important for NON US traffic? So in long term I may lose more.

    I read somewhere while searching on it that changing international targeting can have huge impact in rankings.

    Please advise what is the better option.