Should I think about getting a BST

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    Aug 4, 2011
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    True, I would like to become a donor. Will hopefully become a donor once I have the funds.
    The question is should I make a BST Thread.

    Reasons why) I have an article writing service similer to textbroker and iwriter. It would be away for me to promote my website/service

    Reasons why not)
    One of the rules of the BST thread is you have too submit your best package to the mod. I have an issue with that, as yes I could easy go get my top writer to write an
    article for the mod, but the problem I have with that, is that she only does direct orders and she asks for about 6 times the amount of my other writers. So the mod will get this article and say wow great article. Meanwhile everyone else will not want too pay that amount and will order from the other writers.
    Who even though they are good, still their is a difference.
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    If you have different packages, people will choose which they want. Some people want super great content, some just need original filler content. I say do the best package, take the loss and allow that to benefit your BST by having a legitimate review of the best offer you have by a Mod or Admin. That can go a ways here. It also helps to give out a few review copies so people can tell the truth about your services being offered. Just my IMHO. Good luck!