Should I stop linkbuilding&auto pinging for keeping the PR stagnant?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Kvamme, Jun 3, 2010.

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    For your knowledge I was having a site which was having PR7 earlier
    and then google slapped my site one morning and I was kept at PR0 for some weeks.Now I got my sites page rank to jump to PR4.
    I have few questions to clear so that my site wont get slapped again.
    1.Should I stop link building from now onwards for my site as I got a PR4 which is the same PR as my competitor for the same keyword in the google search?And should I ping,social bookmark my main site URL again from today?
    2.Should I turn my word press automatic pinging service off as more pinging might get google to notice my site again and thus may get my PR slashed.
    3.Is it advisable to do link building for some forum profile back links which I created(will that affect my site to be slapped the same way when you try to build too many links for my original site?
    Last but not the least what are the methods for reclaiming my lost PR7 and thus rank top#1 for that keyword again without compromising my present PR and search engine position.
    Currently my sites search results varies and jumps around, sometimes appearing on the front page of google for About 3,780,000 results keyword term(mostly appear #5-#7 if its running) and sometimes it dissappears from the first page and nowhere to be seen.The top 2 sites for the same keyword is a very popular site getting around 10K visitors per day mainly from the subscribers and loyal visitors of that site and having PR4.
    Can you suggest me some good methods for my site to reach top#1?Should I do linkwheel alone and stop building direct backlinks for my main URL?
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