Should I outsource or try JVs -- or BOTH?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by MMBlack, Oct 25, 2011.

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    I am a US citizen with great assets and opportunities at my disposal (eGay 100% positive feedback seller account for 10+ years; DMS, Textbr*ker, YCN/AC and numerous other content mill accounts; verified PayPalz; Cl*ckbank, AdSe*se, etc.) and I'm making $50-$100 per day on my own. But I am working my ass off, like 15-hour days.

    Should I outsource some of my articles to free up some time? Should I try a JV -- like an eGay partner or get into dropshipping? Should I do a little of both?

    I am certain that I'm not using my resources effectively and would appreciate any advice. I'll consider all serious ideas. Thanks in advance! ;)
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    Articles, have you ever thought about automation? Like a bot? I can make one if your interested. If you have the money hire someone, or if you want, buy a bot to auto post.

    Dropshipping, I recommend you try it out. I drop ship some products, BUT sometimes I'm able to outsource and still make $100+ per sale.
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