Should I move to a VPS??

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by briannz, Oct 16, 2010.

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    I have a few autoblogs on a shared hosting plan at Startlogic.
    One of them now has over 20,000 posts, 275,000 comments and gets around 2000 UV's per day.

    I have noticed that sometimes the blogs are not accessible. When I try to open the site or the Wordpress admin page I get a 500 server error. At other times it seems very slow to load as well. It usually come right by itself but I am thinking it is outgrowing it's shared hosting.

    Would moving up to a VPS plan be a good idea and if so should I stick with Startlogic or move to another host? I have heard people mention Hostgator on here quite a bit. Startlogic have a basic VPS plan for $29.00 a month. (One of my blogs is making arond $15.00 a day so I guess the cost is not a problem)

    This is the details of the Startlogic plan

    Host Unlimited Domains
    20 GB Disk Space
    1 TB Transfer
    1 GB Burstable RAM
    Debian / Apache
    Parallels Power Panel

    I dont have any experience with a VPS so just wanted to get some advice on which one to choose.

    Also, will moving to another host affect my rankings in the serps at all?
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    yes you are over killing your shared host, better move to a VPS or a dedi if costs permit. You can go for managed if you are not too savvy about hosting and stuff.
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