Should I do this or?

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    I'm thinking about starting a website about my experience in the electrical trade and other trades.

    I will write detailed articles to help diyers. There are many DIY sites out there but they do not give in depth detailed instructions. I will give details with pictures.

    The problem is how to monetize it? And can I make good money with this type of site?

    I thought of becoming an amazon affiliate and promoting products associated with home improvement. Also thinking of charging upfront making it a membership type site thinking why should I give all my professional experience away for free?

    The problem with that is WHEN do I start charging the membership fee? Start the site as free until it builds up lots of traffic and then charge? Or charge upfront? I personally hate sites that grow then start charging I rather someone tell me upfront there will be a charge. If I am giving detailed information step by step with pictures I should get paid upfront for it.

    I just don't want to jump into this without hearing some input because this type of site is a ton of work. There are thousands of topics I can cover just in the electrical trade alone.