Should I buy this domain? Moral Issue

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by TheTRUTH, Oct 13, 2011.

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    In the sky baby!
    Domain has backlinks from dozens of chinnese sites(some appear hacked)
    The other hacked links inserted on one of the pages was taken down by *****, this one however, is just expiring.

    Used to be a replica website

    My plan for the domain is to use to jsut to pass linkjuiice to some of my money sites.The content on the domain would NOT be related to replicas or the sale of them.

    Would major brands come after me for having a site that is entirely unrelated to their brand? the site would eb used apart of a homepage backlink network
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    Moral or legal issue? :)

    If all the links pointing to this domain are coming from questionable sources, it is likely that Google won't even value them as such. Not worth it in my opinion.
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    What makes you think they are from questionable sources?
    He said a lot of the links are from hacked chinese websites. Most likely some sort of url injection.

    So the sites can be anything. It can be a pr8 website and it has a link pointing to the site. The webmaster didn't know there is a link because it was just injected or hacked by some dude.
    I don't really see any moral or legal issue here since you are not the one that hacked those websites and there will be an indication that you bought the website and didn't know who is linking to it.
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