Should I buy backlinks seoclerks?

backlinks from seoclerks and fiverr are usually bad for your money site, I wouldn't risk it if I were you. You can buy from there and point them to your tier 1 / tier 2 backlinks, though....
Thanks, can you please tell me something about PR, DR backlinks? I don't know anything about them
Thanks, can you please tell me something about PR, DR backlinks? I don't know anything about them
don't know what PR is. I mean, if you mean Page Rank then this metric had stopped mattering years ago. Google still use it, but it doesn't make public anymore, so you should not worry about PR... again, if that's what you were referring to.

DR is a metric invented by Ahrefs that tells you how strong the backlink profile of a domain name is. DR is counted from 0 to 100, where 0 is the weakest, and 100 is strongest. If you try to rank for a keyword and the pages on the first page of google all have high DR it usually means that your competition is very strong, but if you see a lot of websites in top 10 with DR of 10 or less then you have high chance of ranking for that keyword with a few dofoll0w backlinks and good content.

This is, in a nutshell, what DR is, but DR alone is not always enough to determine the real competition of your keywords... just like DA, actually, and all other 3rd party metrics
Thanks money saver! @tazarbm
Mate, before you buy any link, even from BHW, you need to learn seo first

Some seller on fiverr, seoclerk, pph sell pbn disguised as guest post. Before buying any link, always check for sample

Just check the traffic and ranking keyword instead of DR. If the traffic is +1000 and many keyword rank on Google (Check using Ahref or Semrush), then go for it

Learn at here:
Many SEO sellers in the forum also have accounts there or are resellers from there.
For churn and burn or ranking parasites they are cheap and effective (wouldn't go far from this).
Most sellers on Fiverr and Seoclerks sell spammy backlinks. It is hard to find good suppliers on these platforms. Less than 1% sell quality backlinks.
Hi Seoclerks completely based on SEO and there has many seller with different price and services. Quality depend on everywhere. So it is up to you. When you try to purchase any service from seller, you have to check feedback first. If you see recent feedback is good, than go for it. But as per as I know many of SEOclerks seller sale $1 SEO even. So it is opportunity to purchase any SEO in cheap rate. But do not think so, by $1 SEO you will get google first page. As my experience on several marketplace, many of buyer purchase a service in low range but want to fly on google first page. Finally purchase service from anywhere who meet the your requirements. Marketplace most safest area for purchasing any services.
Don't buy backlinks from Seoclerck. In Seoclerck almost seller selling spam links. It will be ruined your website. always buy good quality backlinks. I suggest you buy backlinks from BHW. Its very good platform.
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