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    Hey guys,

    So one of my specialties is what i call "Shotgun SEO" - in other words, using a database driven website to create a ton of pages that can rank for a wide variety of terms. So for example, i have a site that markets events and sports tickets, and using data mining i can create pages for just about every game or event in every city, automatically, compare prices from different affiliates (e-bay, stubhub etc) and link the user off to the affiliate for the sale. This approach can bring a lot of traffic because the pages are optimized to rank for so many different terms (anything from "Rolling stones concert sioux city" to "cardinals vs. orioles june 12") - you get the idea.

    Now i'm looking for new ideas for data driven sites. i can datamine pretty much anything from the web or rss, provided that it's displayed in a uniform way. so for example i could mine all of the hotel profiles on tripadvisor to get info on dog-friendly hotels and create a new site just for dog-friendly hotels. just an example. but basically what i need is a partner with an idea for a site and an offer or monetization strategy that we can generate money with. web design experience (i.e. html, css) is a plus - i'm not an artist, so i usually have someone else do that part while i handle the programming. if you're not good at it, i know a guy.

    also i'd prefer if my partner has experience w/ off-page seo. i 'll tweak the site so that every page is optimized on-page, but could use some help with off-page because setting up the on-page elements will be time consuming. i can take care of domain registration and have a dedicated server, so no initial costs for you.

    if you're interested, PM me and let me know what you have in mind as far as a site and monetization strategy. if i like it, i'll get back to you and we can work something out.

    Here are some ideas i DO NOT want:
    Event tickets (i already have a site for that)
    Hotels (been there, done that)
    Personal info/records (wayyyyy too much competition here.)

    anything else is fair game. let's make some money.