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    Mar 4, 2014
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    Hello BHW :)
    First of all I was a silent reader of this community from past few days and thanks all for these contributions.

    I've tried shortest with hitleap and many other autosurf sites with meta trick and getting very few traffic although I've 2 VPS running 24*7 collecting points.

    So I've made a PHP script which can visit pages with given UA and this comes with a proxy generator, checker and auto proxy changer in PHP ; this worked fine for traffic generating for sites but I dont know why its not working for shortest even I made custom script to open shortest page and wait 10sec then click on the SKIP AD button. In log I've checked output is perfect but there is no hits in shortest dashboard.

    So think of this and help me identify the reason ; if I succeed I will share my sc to the community.