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Discussion in 'Link Building' started by jihanemo, Mar 5, 2011.

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    I'm thinking about buying a domain which I would use to create a kind of mock directory / informational website which would display products for my ecommerce website and direct potential customers to the actual product page on my ecommerce website. The mock site would list the actual products (with pictures) from the ecomm. site. Click on pic and it would take them to the actual individual product page on the ecomm site.

    I'm hoping that this site would boost traffic to the ecomm. site but also improve Google ranking of the ecomm. site since all products on mock site would link to ecomm. site...

    What do you think?

    I wouldn't get banned for this, would I?
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    No, it won't get you banned but I see a major problem here and that is duplicate content. From the sounds of it you are simply placing the same content from your principle site onto another for the purposes of receiving a backlink?

    I suspect the new site will quickly fall into the supplimental index given it is a copy of the original. If you are looking to promote your primary site then all well and good but it needs to bring a new angle to the product and not simply the same information - if your product page is about red shoes and it's simply a product description then for maximum return you will want to create some relavant content related to red shoes, how great they look with a red dress, and red braclet for example.

    G00gle are looking for sites with a 'broad' range of content these days, and not simply content which is the same appearing on another site hence why you will get far more value referencing other factors connected with red shoes for example.

    If you simply copy the site from one IP to another for the purposes of linkbuilding you will you simply be wasting your time in my view unless it brings something new to the table. Further, the IP address of all the incoming links to your primary site will be the same......