shopping cart - no check out part


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Mar 25, 2009
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i am selling furniture local and i need a "custom house package" page almost like a shopping cart but no checkout. i am using dreamweaver to make site not a whole lot of coding exp actually none lol. but here is a crude design of what i would want it to look like?

bassically the customer will have the drop down menu and choose from multiple sets and a picture will come up with a description and have price of all items selected at the bottom. this would have to be updated easily. something like this. simple copy and paste ill put all the info in i just have no clue how to build it :) thanks for the help all
"Bedroom_Sets" : [
"Sets_Name" : "Bedroom Set 1",
"Sets_Description" : "This is a test description for bedroom
set 1",
"Sets_Image" : "bedroom1.jpg",
"Sets_Price" : "100.98"
"Sets_Name" : "Bedroom Set 2",
"Sets_Description" : "This is a test description for bedroom
set 2",
"Sets_Image" : "bedroom2.jpg",
"Sets_Price" : "98.00"