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Discussion in 'Ebay' started by Alex Carter, May 22, 2017.

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    May 22, 2017
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    Hi guys I have a question, for reasons I am not going to go into my PayPal account was suspended for my company basically one of the ex directors got his account banned and it linked to our company account and that got banned.
    I have had a member of staff create a new PayPal account under a holding company, this new PayPal account will be used on our website (note that the old PayPal account was only ever used for our eBay store which is no longer active since the PayPal mess)

    if I add the PayPal express checkout button to my company website would PayPal be able to see my actual domain? I've managed to remove the checkout with PayPal button from the cart so now people have to pay with PayPal on the checkout page which is a redirect as I use shopify payments, for example, someone clicks check out on my site they get redirected to a checkout.shopify page and on that page PayPal is visible, when a customer clicks on checkout with PayPal they then get re re directed to the PayPal page, the holding company has absolutely no links to the actual company, completely different account holder name name in a completely different location, a completely different bank account and completely different email, I will never use my pc to log into the PayPal account my employee will handle everything.

    my question is.....

    will PayPal know that its my company? or will they just see a redirect from shopifies payment site and then the holding companies details?

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    I think you should consider using a payment service that take PayPal. for example 2Checkout
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    I'm interested to know what applies here. Let me know, I will follow this thread.