Shitty JV guy named Jon

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    This guy named J O N P O L I SH

    Here's his site:
    When my panic attack product was approved in Clickbank, I approached several JV for help. Then I came across that guy's website that gives good reviews on my competitor's products. I thought it would be good if he would list my product so I e-mailed him.

    He seem like a nice, friendly guy.. he replied and told me that he will be happy to do so and it would be great if I can send him a review copy.
    And because I thought he was a nice guy, I sent him my very first copy of CB product to him. But I didn't include the audio files and that very first copy was rather "messy".

    A day later, he replied and ask if I have any other files that includes in the package rather than just the e-book itself. I said the e-book pretty much "explains everything".
    Then I decided to drop my retail price and I e-mailed him to notify him.

    Since that very day ,I have not received any reply from him.

    I sent him another e-mail a few days ago to ask whether will he still be helping me to write a review on my product. But still... no reply...

    I begin to worry if he will repackage my product and sell it on CB.

    A very big lesson learnt. But luckily I only sent him the draft copy of my e-book, not the finalized one. And it's also lucky that I never sent him the audio files and such.

    So beware of him if you're selling any anxiety-related products.
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