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Shitlist-SmileAtmyWins ($800)

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by HerpDerpSlerp, Aug 24, 2013.

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    Mar 19, 2013
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    Handle: SmileAtmyWins
    Link to profile: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/members/97016-smileatmywins.html

    Link to freelance request: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...one-can-program-flash-html5-facebook-app.html

    (This is the short story I sent Paypal Dispute Center)

    On August 6th 2013 seller agreed to an 800$USD payment for a HTML5 Casino Facebook application comparable to Slotomania and Mirrorball slots.

    On August 17th seller requested an extension on the project until August 23rd which was agreed.

    On August 22nd I informed seller if seller needed more time we could extend the timeframe up to 30 days from the date of purchase (September 4th 2013) providing seller showed me proof of work completed.

    We agreed to 24 hours to 5PM Pacific Time August 23rd to show proof of work and Informed our business that the work completed thus far was comparable to Mirrorball Slots and Slotomania

    at 4PM Pacific time on August 23rd seller gave me access to a facebook app link which showed me what seller has completed. What was shown was nothing as described.

    Upon further investigation it was found out that what seller did was google "HTML 5 Slot Machine Example", copied their open source to Facebook's API and tried to pass it as your own work.

    /end of paypal dispute text

    I payed this seller in full because the project I wanted was in excess of 4 figures. We knew from the beginning that the seller under-pitched. Based on the conversation my business agreed to pay double or more one the project was completed. Based on how SmileAtmyWins was talking we were going to offer 10x what we paid ($8000USD).

    SmileAtmyWins talks a good game but in short he just took a free script and attempted to pass it off as his own. Based on the skype conversation (Provided) I was under the assumption that the project was coded from scratch. In fact, SmileAtmyWins even mentioned that he under bid, that it was a lot of work and he was having some JS issues. He stated that the project he had so far was comparable to the two slot machines mentioned. this is clearly not the case. Once I requested a refund what little communication we had deteriorated and he also threatened not to refund me if I created this thread.

    That is fine. I can care less about $800. I piss $800. What I have no tolerance for is someone that presents themselves like he did and just shows me complete garbage. If you offered agreed to the refund there was no reason for me to file a dispute claim in paypal, and you should have refunded the money immediately

    I am not sure this will get approved as per rules state that you must wait 72 hours. However the blatant audacity of this seller to not only try to pass off complete free garbage as programmed work for this, but to string me and my company along for so long. I specified quality. not bullshit and I am yet to receive a refund from the seller. I wasted enough time with this and our communication has deteriorated

    Skype Conversation (personal information removed):

    [2013-08-02 4:06:02 PM] Sam Q: SmileAtMyWins from BHW. I sent you a message stating part of my skillset with Flash and HTML 5.
    [2013-08-02 4:07:31 PM] *** L J has shared contact details with Sam Q. ***
    [2013-08-02 4:07:44 PM] L J: what do you bring to the table Sam?
    [2013-08-02 4:08:56 PM] Sam Q: I bring several years of experience with both flash and HTML 5. I also have PHP, CSS3, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Javascript experience as well.
    [2013-08-02 4:12:46 PM] L J: I am interested in creating a slot machine type app for facebook similar in simplicity and graphics as slotomania slot machines and mirrorball slots. Easy and simple front end with a simple back end for adding additional slots with applicable graphics and able to control win % on a global and individual slot basis. Looking for some type of reward promotion code like system as well. That is the basics of what I want.

    Is this something you think you can manage and do you also have any past projects with flash or html5 that you can show me as reference ?
    [2013-08-02 4:15:21 PM] Sam Q: i have coded facebook apps in the past but they've since been deleted because I don't use them anymore. With host gator being fucked up its hard to show you a lot of my work because my good server is still down. I can show you a few things though.
    [2013-08-02 4:15:24 PM] Sam Q: these two
    [2013-08-02 4:15:25 PM] Sam Q: [personal information removed]
    [personal information removed]
    [2013-08-02 4:15:45 PM] Sam Q: HTML 5
    [2013-08-02 4:16:00 PM] Sam Q: I have a landing page that I did in HTML 5 as well
    [2013-08-02 4:16:19 PM] Sam Q: [personal information removed]
    [2013-08-02 4:16:29 PM] Sam Q: A lot of my flash sites are still down though.
    [2013-08-02 4:16:41 PM] Sam Q: I had some animations but I can find their URLs.
    [2013-08-02 4:16:50 PM] Sam Q: Not everyday someone asks for flash.
    [2013-08-02 4:17:21 PM] L J: not sure if flash or html5 would be better for this project. the mentioned apps are in flash which is why I chose that initially
    [2013-08-02 4:17:30 PM] Sam Q: But I am versed as far as symbols within symbols and controlling their functions.
    [2013-08-02 4:17:50 PM] Sam Q: You can control elements the same way with HTML 5.
    [2013-08-02 4:17:59 PM] Sam Q: Flash is actually being phased out.
    [2013-08-02 4:18:21 PM] Sam Q: W3 is phasing flash out with HTML 5's responsiveness.
    [2013-08-02 4:20:07 PM] L J: I looked at html5 briefly but never got into it. what would be used as a back end with html5. php and mysql?
    [2013-08-02 4:21:08 PM] Sam Q: Yes, and I am familar with databasing as well.
    [2013-08-02 4:21:38 PM] Sam Q: mostly php/css3.
    [2013-08-02 4:22:25 PM] L J: take a look at those app examples and inform me what you think, how long it would take to generate a template, timeframe and what you would charge. you don;t have to answer those questions today either
    [2013-08-02 4:23:53 PM] Sam Q: Okay.
    [2013-08-02 4:24:20 PM] Sam Q: I'll take a look and give you a timeframe & a quote.
    [2013-08-05 10:26:08 PM] L J: Sam, did you happen to get an estimate on the casino project offered?
    [2013-08-05 10:49:51 PM] Sam Q: Yes, I thought about how it would be coded, how the animations would be processed, and I came up with final quote of $800 and a time frame of 7-10 days to work out any quirks.
    [2013-08-06 12:03:43 AM] L J: Does that include a back end management tool as well
    [2013-08-06 12:07:49 AM] L J: When you have the time message me what will be involved for your 800$ offer. so I have a better idea of what my investment is purchasing. be as detailed as possible.
    [2013-08-06 12:35:36 AM] Sam Q: Yes it does.
    [2013-08-06 12:35:51 AM] Sam Q: Sorry i was on the phone.
    [2013-08-06 1:19:47 AM] Sam Q: THe $800 quote involves the slot machine app we discussed. The app would graphically resemble the slotomania and mirrorball slots. The backend would have a section for additional slots to be added and the ability to control win percentage on a global and individual slot basis. I would implement a promotional code/reward system as well.
    [2013-08-06 12:22:58 PM] L J: I am extremely interested in working with you based on your history in blackhat world and the way you handle yourself with this conversation. I would also like some small tinker time to look at everything was created as well. I would also like a guarentee that once this agreement is finalized to destroy any and all copies of the product on your end and not use any future copies for future use.

    Your turn around time is more than acceptable. Let me know when you have the ability to work on this and send me your paypal account ID I will send you 400$ and the rest upon completion
    [2013-08-06 12:28:19 PM] Sam Q: Okay, that sounds acceptable. Oh, no worries, I'll delete all of the code and imagery off of my machine when I am done. This is your application not mine, I am just building it for you. My paypal email address is [personal information removed]
    [2013-08-06 12:31:04 PM] L J: also can you make the images in each dlot machine easy to replace if that is not asking too much. I will be passing this on to my developer anyway to do the finishing touches on it. Ill send the money in about 5 minutes just give me a minute to find my wallet
    [2013-08-06 12:33:31 PM] Sam Q: Yeah, it's easy with a canvas.
    [2013-08-06 12:38:04 PM] L J: [personal information removed]s, you have sent $800.00 USD to [personal information removed].
    I just paid the full amount as 800$ is not that much money and I expected double that price. So there you go
    [2013-08-06 12:38:46 PM] Sam Q: Well, i appreciate that.
    [2013-08-06 12:38:57 PM] L J: Keep in touch if you have any build questions etc or how it looks. please keep my personal information and business name private and out of BHW haha
    [2013-08-06 12:38:59 PM] Sam Q: Not something that is usually done by a client of mine.
    [2013-08-06 12:39:06 PM] L J: it is really not that much money to me
    [2013-08-06 12:39:33 PM] Sam Q: Oh no issues there, aside from the itraders we can exchange when you're satisfied with the app, none of your information will make it to BHW.
    [2013-08-06 12:40:28 PM] L J: and we are always looking to fire freelance programmers on a go to basis. I don't mind paying in full if I believe I will get quality product. It is a low risk investment to us. Glad you are satisfied with full payment. Just keep in touch and our expectations are about 2 weeks to a workable product.
    [2013-08-06 12:40:44 PM] L J: **HIRE freelance
    [2013-08-06 12:42:33 PM] Sam Q: Well, I can say you picked the right coder. I'm going to begin, I will talk to you soon and show you what I have came up with. I'm normally here on skype to answer any questions, if not, I'll answer it as soon as I see the message.
    [2013-08-06 12:47:06 PM] L J: also, the reason why I sent full amount is because I have no trading history in BHW so there is risk on your end. It is more peace of mind for you. Looking forward to seeing the product during production states. If it comes out as well as expected we have bigger projects that need to get done as well. Take care
    [2013-08-06 9:05:44 PM] L J: any applicable information on where you are with the project at the moment? I understand you just started we are just anxious
    [2013-08-06 9:07:40 PM] Sam Q: Okay, I am going to address this issue from the start. I am working on the canvas design of your app right now, but when I start implementing the coding in a little while, being anxious isn't the best way to communicate with me. It puts un needed pressure on the developer.
    [2013-08-06 9:09:57 PM] L J: maybe anxious is the wrong word. Excited would be a better word. I am comfortable with you /your team doing the job just curious on the result is all
    [2013-08-06 9:11:41 PM] Sam Q: You're curious as to the result of a two week application development project 8 hours into it? I have started comparing the two slot apps you gave me and am trying to design a mid point between them on the canvas.
    [2013-08-06 9:14:22 PM] L J: Keep up the good work. figured there would not be much information just wanted to touch base. Sorry for being a bother. First time we ever outsourced a project
    [2013-08-06 9:15:39 PM] Sam Q: It's alright. You have nothing to worry about. I've been outsourced plenty. Many of my repeat clients were originally outsourcing me.
    [2013-08-08 9:15:13 PM] L J: Hey Sam. I know it has only been two days or so just wanted to know how you were getting along. :)
    [2013-08-12 1:35:36 PM] L J: how is the poject going?
    [2013-08-12 8:07:12 PM] L J: when your not busy if you could touch base with me on how things are going that would be great
    [2013-08-13 8:39:36 PM] L J: Hey Sam. Are you around?
    [2013-08-14 5:02:21 PM] L J: if you are available i was wondering if you could give me some intel on progress. Thanks!
    [2013-08-14 5:21:01 PM] Sam Q: Got the canvas built, have the backend nice, Just writing more code. It was actually more work than I anticipated, I should have quoted you more, but it is no big deal because I am still perfectly on schedule.
    [2013-08-14 8:01:02 PM] L J: the algorithm and timing factors are a pain yes. Thanks for the update. Keep up the good work
    [2013-08-16 5:01:44 PM] L J: I understand you probably have other projects you are working on as well. If you need a bit more time past the initial 14 day TAT just give me a few days heads up and ill be perfectly ok with that
    [2013-08-17 6:01:45 PM] Sam Q: I may need until Friday. I am have a little problem with the JS and it's proving to be a larger problem than normal. You were right, you expected double, I should have quoted more. That's alright, that is my fault. I will have it done by Friday for sure. :)
    [2013-08-17 10:41:38 PM] L J: no worries I am more than willing to work with you for up to around 30 days for this project. Besides as long as you deliver quality product you will get more freelance projects from my company. we have deep pockets and have projects that are worth in upwords of $10,000
    [2013-08-17 10:42:04 PM] L J: just take your time, balance your other clients and touch base when needed
    [2013-08-19 7:56:57 PM] L J: I understand that you are not done of the project yet but I was wondering if you could show me what you have so far
    [2013-08-20 1:28:40 PM] L J: Today would have been the 14 day turn around time agreed on payment. You requested an extension of 3 additional days to Friday aug 23rd. You can have up to 30 days for date of payment if needed providing you show me your progress so far. If that cannot happen I will assume the project will be completed by friday.

    Thanks for your time
    [2013-08-21 4:15:14 PM] L J: are you around Sam?
    [2013-08-22 11:54:30 AM] L J: Greetings, just wanted to see if we are still on schedual for tomorrow
    [2013-08-22 5:55:39 PM] L J: I need to know when you will be dropping the project my way. I have a few developers waiting for it. - Thanks
    [2013-08-22 8:47:28 PM] L J: Sam, tommorow is the deadline for the casino project. Would really appriciate some communication on the matter.
    [2013-08-22 8:52:35 PM] Sam Q: Actually, I haven't even been on my skype since you told me that I could have up to 30 days after the payment date. When i read that, I was only online for a few minutes. I have several computers and have been a little busy. But after I read that I went to the "drawing board" and started messing around with achievements, the backend, getting it to recognize and register users, and more creative options. I just want it to be perfect really. I should have communicated that, but as I said i've been working. I have to account and link to the app at home. A little later tonight I am going to send you it.
    [2013-08-22 8:53:03 PM] Sam Q: and we can discuss the ideas I have, what you think of them, and anything else you would like implemented.
    [2013-08-22 8:54:10 PM] L J: As long as you send me a link within 24 hours (5pm tomorrow your time) showing me what you have so far we can extend it to 30 days no problem that is as far as I can go with it. Excited to see the project
    [2013-08-22 8:59:19 PM] L J: Just so we are on the same page September 4th would be the deadline assuming you show me the project
    [2013-08-22 9:00:18 PM] Sam Q: Not a problem at all. I'm just at my office. It's literally a mixture of the two apps you showed me, with your own branding twist.
    [2013-08-22 9:01:21 PM] Sam Q: I'm glad you're one of my clients who understands that app development isn't something to rush. That once it's finished, it has to be marketed. So while it's developed, it needs to be heavily influence by creativity.
    [2013-08-22 9:05:13 PM] L J: It is really the first time we outsourced an entire project like this. Normally I have people to do it but everyone is already wrapped up on something else. This is something we were going to work on next year. We probably won't even launch the app for awhile yet. Regardless the people that work for [personal information removed] all work at their own pace. I don't rush anything as long as there is productivity. Normally there is daily communication with my team so that is a bit different here but I am not concerned. Assuming you deliver there is plently more work available when needed.
    [2013-08-22 9:10:58 PM] Sam Q: Absolutely. If you need daily commnication, that's not a problem (excluding sundays). Sunday's are my personal/family day. Eveyrbody has one and that one is mine.I understand that this is your first time outsourcing and I am ensuring that you're happy with my work.
    [2013-08-22 9:16:20 PM] L J: I am sure that it will be fine. You wouldn't have been selected if I had any concerns about the end result or the programming. I got smoked with requests that week. Most were scams, or people that just couldn't sell themselves. I know I picked the right person. Daily communication is something that is desired however even just to touch base. Well except for your personal day

    When you do send a link to the app tonight I won't be the only one accessing it. Co-owner of [personal information removed] is excited to look at it as well. Not sure if you are linking local host or domain or a facebook app link.
    [2013-08-23 12:24:16 AM] L J: It is getting late here. Wondering if you were home to send a link to the project
    [2013-08-23 12:27:37 AM] Sam Q: I haven't left yet. It's only 830. Sorry man, it will either be sometime tonight or tomorrow. Didn't you say it was as long as its within 24 hours? Before 5pm my time? It will be. You have my word.
    [2013-08-23 12:31:26 AM] L J: yeah was just hoping to see it before I crash is all. just paste it when you can I will catch it in the morning. It is 12:30 my time here
    [2013-08-23 5:07:53 PM] L J: Im available to look at the project when you are available Sam
    [2013-08-23 6:57:09 PM] L J: Are you available Sam
    [2013-08-23 7:32:16 PM] Sam Q: Yes sorry.
    [2013-08-23 7:32:26 PM] L J: Great
    [2013-08-23 7:32:26 PM] Sam Q: https://apps.facebook.com/553571941346134/
    [2013-08-23 7:32:48 PM] Sam Q: There is the first rendition of the first slot
    [2013-08-23 7:33:11 PM] Sam Q: obviously it needs some color changing and I have some shining and gradients to put on.
    [2013-08-23 7:33:37 PM] Sam Q: I have some ideas for the other slot machines too. I just want to clear them with you before I make them.
    [2013-08-23 7:34:29 PM] Sam Q: Ovbiously the functionality is sound. You win, you lose. I need to incorporate the discount/coupon code option as well.
    [2013-08-23 7:34:54 PM] Sam Q: I just want everything to align with the first slot and then the other slot machines will be a matter of images.
    [2013-08-23 7:40:40 PM] L J: There still seems a lot to be done up to september 4th including a lot of functionality. Are you sure you can pull this off by then? You don't need to worry about the audio we have an audio guy. same with graphics. We just need the foundation.
    [2013-08-23 7:41:28 PM] Sam Q: Oh really? Damn, I had sound effects too.Lol
    [2013-08-23 7:41:33 PM] Sam Q: Yes I can pull this off.
    [2013-08-23 7:41:38 PM] Sam Q: I just want to clear things with you.
    [2013-08-23 7:41:43 PM] Sam Q: Certain aspects of my ideas.
    [2013-08-23 7:42:00 PM] Sam Q: That isnt a final draft by any means.
    [2013-08-23 7:42:15 PM] Sam Q: I still have images and tons of work to do on it.
    [2013-08-23 7:42:37 PM] Sam Q: But when you're trying to develop something out of pure creativity, youre so picky.
    [2013-08-23 7:42:40 PM] Sam Q: Im very concerned about you liking this.
    [2013-08-23 7:42:47 PM] Sam Q: I like to please my customers.
    [2013-08-23 7:42:50 PM] Sam Q: Thats my goal.
    [2013-08-23 7:44:47 PM] L J: I have an entire team of developers I pay we just don't have the time to work on this. But we do need a solid foundation. I can see that you use a lot of javascript and what looks like a rand function. I will be happy with whatever you create as long as it has the basic foundation of the examples I have shown you. Basic money amount and storage, account storage, leveling system, promotion code system and compareable slots. That is what we need
    [2013-08-23 7:45:49 PM] Sam Q: I understand that. Honestly, I see where you're coming and to be honest I can see the end of the project. I just have a lot to create.
    [2013-08-23 7:45:57 PM] Sam Q: A lot of coding to do.
    [2013-08-23 7:46:14 PM] Sam Q: Like I said, its just a bit more than I thought. But thats not a big deal.
    [2013-08-23 7:46:20 PM] L J: You also mentioned that your project merges the two that we sent you. I honestly don't see that. It is not a concern but I don't see it at all
    [2013-08-23 7:47:06 PM] Sam Q: The code I uploaded for that needed to be debugged.
    [2013-08-23 7:47:17 PM] Sam Q: So that's what I am currently working on.
    [2013-08-23 7:47:38 PM] Sam Q: It broke the app, so I have to debug the code.
    [2013-08-23 7:47:40 PM] Sam Q: Otherwise you'd be seeing more.
    [2013-08-23 7:48:33 PM] Sam Q: However, I can give you want you wanted and ensure that you're nmore than satisfied with our end result.
    [2013-08-23 7:50:08 PM] L J: I need to call Brazil. I can't comment on what I am looking at right now I need someone else to look at it. I will be available in about 15 minutes
    [2013-08-23 7:50:51 PM] Sam Q: Is there a problem?
    [2013-08-23 7:53:47 PM] L J: I wouldn't define it as a problem per say. Our expectations of this review were higher than what was delivered. We expected something comparable to the two examples we showed you as you stated. That is not the case, regardless of reason. So I will call our lead programmer to review it.
    [2013-08-23 7:55:26 PM] Sam Q: If that's how you see it, but to be honest, you're asking me to put together a $5k app, on an $800 budget. Which means I am putting together a lot of different scripts and designs at the same time.
    [2013-08-23 7:58:01 PM] Sam Q: Not that I cannot do it.
    [2013-08-23 7:58:28 PM] Sam Q: It's just going to take a lot of effort, which I have the knowledge and skillset to do.
    [2013-08-23 7:58:58 PM] L J: Money is not the problem.If you want more money for the project that can be arranged. The only issue that I see is that you stated what would be shown would be comparable to those two games we showed you. Which is not the case. Money is the least of our concerns
    [2013-08-23 8:00:08 PM] Sam Q: And the app's design and functionality is something I can handle. I've done this before. This the first draft. I have things coded that I have not even put on the canvas yet.
    [2013-08-23 8:03:03 PM] Sam Q: More of a budgeted would be appreciated, honestly. Regardless of that, this is something i can without a doubt do and have done by our set deadline.
    [2013-08-23 8:03:20 PM] L J: I understand. Everything is still fine. We could easily send you $5,000, or $10,000 or $100,000. But we need to see results and our expectations were set and that was not presented. That is the only situation we are in
    [2013-08-23 8:05:27 PM] Sam Q: Okay well we can work that out in one of two ways. 1. You can send any amount you prefer, and have a little faith in my reputation. 2. You can take a look in a few days, let's say tuesday, I can show you what else I have already done but taken down to debug. Then if you want to send more you can, if not, Ill meet the deadline and your expectations, regardless.
    [2013-08-23 8:05:58 PM] Sam Q: You just need to understand that I already see the end of the application. How it works, what it does. I just need to create all of the code and designs.
    [2013-08-23 8:06:16 PM] Sam Q: And to make them perfect and to make you happy with your product is my goal.
    [2013-08-23 8:09:32 PM] L J: So the situation is that you underbid for the project and are requesting more which is understandable and actually was discussed with my team.

    You are also requesting an extension timeframe up until an agreed september 4th deadline

    You also under-delivered from what you stated what would be shown. That is what you need to understand from my end. Because of this I can no longer make any more time or financial decisions on my own. I am not bothered, it is just the life of business. I deal with this stuff all the time. It is just the situation we are in now.

    I just need to have a conference call with a few people to figure out where we go with it now and we can only go by what was currently paid-> stated and presented.
    [2013-08-23 8:12:42 PM] Sam Q: Okay, so to sum things up. You want me to finish out this, accept that I bid it too low because I under-delivered what was promised for a first look, and then we'll talk sometime between now and september 4th to see what you and your team think.
    [2013-08-23 8:15:29 PM] L J: No. What I am going to do shortly is have a conference call with my lead programmer and co-owner of [personal information removed]. We will discuss what was currently paid, the timeframe that passed, and what was currently delivered. Then with that information come up with an agreement of what to do. I don't have an answer for you right now
    [2013-08-23 8:19:00 PM] L J: The only thing I can tell you is that you said you were going to show something comparable to Slotomania and Mirrorball which was not the case at all.
    [2013-08-23 8:20:03 PM] Sam Q: Okay, well when you do have that conference call, understand that I have code and designs that have been put in and taken out. Im actually more ahead than you're seeing like I said before.
    [2013-08-23 8:20:53 PM] Sam Q: The end result will be a mixture or slotomania/mirrorball. Some of the graphics and functionality I have not uploaded. I have it, its being debugged.
    [2013-08-23 8:21:17 PM] Sam Q: Include that, it looks like I am farther behind that I actually am.
    [2013-08-23 8:23:28 PM] L J: And that is fine but again, we can only go with what was said to be delivered and then delivered. Unless you can change what you have shown me by the time I get ahold of the co-owner I can only pitch your needs against what we see so far.
    [2013-08-23 8:27:23 PM] L J: And now I have ahold of them both. I will need to log out of this alias account and log into my business Skype to have this conversation so I will be gone as long as it needs to be. I appriiate your patience in the matter. I understand your requests. you are still willing to continue this project, you are requesting an additional payment and additional time. I will get back to you shortly
    [2013-08-23 8:27:47 PM] Sam Q: Whoa
    [2013-08-23 8:27:57 PM] Sam Q: I am not requesting additional payment.
    [2013-08-23 8:28:06 PM] Sam Q: Additional time, yes.
    [2013-08-23 8:29:11 PM] Sam Q: I said that it would be appreciated if you could pay me a little more, considering the caliber project I am working on. Just a thought for you, not a request.
    [2013-08-23 8:56:03 PM] L J: Sam....
    [2013-08-23 8:56:33 PM] Sam Q: Yes?
    [2013-08-23 8:56:52 PM] L J: http://bravenewmethod.wordpress.com/2013/03/14/simple-slot-machine-with-html5/
    [2013-08-23 8:57:00 PM] L J: Explain yourself
    [2013-08-23 9:04:04 PM] Sam Q: Did you expect me to develop facebooks api code without using any type of reference point? All I did was use their imagery as a basis. Thats not what I am using for the app. Like I said, I have my own graphics to put on.
    [2013-08-23 9:07:54 PM] L J: You wasted 2 weeks of my companies time and money to upload a basic HTML5 script that anyone could have here in 5 minutes. There is nothing that you added to this at all. No dynamics, no database, nothing. Because of this we are requesting a full refund of the 800USD that was paid to you. We have also took screenshots of the app you showed us as well. This refund is non negotiable. Failier to refuned immediatly will only have me submit a dispute via paypal and creating a thread in BHW against you. This is a shame really. Your profile in BHW and references are excellent.

    If you view source of that app frame, and that site demo there is no difference except for some additional strings and a few headers. Not acceptable. You have by the time I finish my cigarette to refund me in full.
    [2013-08-23 9:11:07 PM] Sam Q: No db? It runs on mysqllite3.
    [2013-08-23 9:13:03 PM] L J: I am logged into the paypal account now. Are you going to push the refund on your end or will I
    [2013-08-23 9:14:19 PM] Sam Q: Push it on yours.
    [2013-08-23 9:14:32 PM] Sam Q: You can have a refund.
    [2013-08-23 9:14:40 PM] Sam Q: But uh, dont threaten me.
    [2013-08-23 9:14:51 PM] Sam Q: That is not business wise.
    [2013-08-23 9:14:52 PM] Sam Q: or professional.
    [2013-08-23 9:14:57 PM] Sam Q: regardless of the circumstance.
    [2013-08-23 9:15:57 PM] L J: I am not threatening you. I simply asked you a question.
    [2013-08-23 9:16:12 PM] Sam Q: That is an implication of a threat
    [2013-08-23 9:16:13 PM] Sam Q: [August 25, 2013 12:04 AM] L J:

    <<< You have by the time I finish my cigarette to refund me in full.
    [2013-08-23 9:19:17 PM] L J: You uploaded a free script and tried to pass it off as work completed after agreeing that the work passed to you was worth more than what was paid. That is insulting and infuriating. You have shown nothing for the last 18 days of 'work'.
    [2013-08-23 9:24:32 PM] Sam Q: I have scripts, images, and code developed. I needed a basis to start off of. Like I've been saying the whole time.
    [2013-08-23 9:25:09 PM] Sam Q: Want a refund? Fine. No problem, take it and do with it what you will. it is your loss because I had high hopes for the porject.
    [2013-08-23 9:25:32 PM] L J: You have showed me none of this. Talk is cheap. You have showed me nothing but a free script for 18 days work. This is unacceptable
    [2013-08-23 9:26:50 PM] Sam Q: All that is is a wireframe of what I have yet to impletement. The ajax, the graphics, the levelling system, the coupons.
    [2013-08-23 9:27:34 PM] Sam Q: Like I said id be finished by the deadline and could even provide you something by Tuesday. But you want a refund. So, here we are and I will not deny you a refund if you ask for one.
    [2013-08-23 9:27:57 PM] Sam Q: The work I said I did was true.
    [2013-08-23 9:30:45 PM] L J: You have had more than enough time to have something to show other than a free script.
    [2013-08-23 9:31:59 PM] Sam Q: I had more up, but it wasnt right so I removed it. That little script is just the wireframe basically.
    [2013-08-23 9:33:06 PM] Sam Q: Like I said, you are entitled to a refund. I am no hustler, I do not take peoples money. I did however put in hours of coding and scripting that is not developed enough to be uploaded.
    [2013-08-23 9:34:45 PM] L J: Your dispute is open
    Thank you. We?ll email you when the seller responds. If the seller does not respond, your dispute will automatically close on Sep 12, 2013 unless you escalate it to a PayPal claim. Don't worry; we'll email you a reminder before the dispute automatically closes. Please note that when you escalate a dispute to a claim, you're asking PayPal to review the case and decide the outcome.
    [2013-08-23 9:37:12 PM] Sam Q: Sounds good.
    [2013-08-23 9:37:51 PM] L J: Please agree to the refund
    [2013-08-23 9:38:25 PM] Sam Q: I already did.
    [2013-08-23 9:38:40 PM] L J: Please push the refund to my paypal account
    [2013-08-23 9:47:33 PM] L J: Although you have agreed to the refund, it is yet to be posted. So, in the meantime I will be creating a BHW shitlist thread. I will post it when completed if the refund is not pushed and it will sit there until the refund is posted. Talk is cheap which is very clear here
    [2013-08-23 9:47:45 PM] Sam Q: Oh if you create that
    [2013-08-23 9:47:54 PM] Sam Q: I wont give you a damn thing.
    [2013-08-23 9:47:54 PM] Sam Q: Ill walk away
    [2013-08-23 9:48:01 PM] Sam Q: a promise.
    [2013-08-23 9:48:04 PM] Sam Q: and thats not a thread
    [2013-08-23 9:48:16 PM] Sam Q: You can have your refund no problem
    [2013-08-23 9:48:27 PM] Sam Q: but once you start demanding things and then threatening me?
    [2013-08-23 9:48:33 PM] Sam Q: No see, wrong move.
    [2013-08-23 9:48:37 PM] Sam Q: Do you want you refund?
    [2013-08-23 9:50:39 PM] L J: It will probably take me about 30 minutes to create the thread or so. If the refund is posted before that I won't create post it. If I don't recieve a refund I will create it and I have until september 12th to push it to Paypal's support team. I will do that on the 11th, or get the refund from you. Whatever is sooner. Consider all and any conversations from me to you terminated as of now.

    [2013-08-23 9:51:12 PM] Sam Q: Like I said.
    [2013-08-23 9:51:18 PM] Sam Q: The second you push the button
    [2013-08-23 9:51:23 PM] Sam Q: is the second you lose $800
    [2013-08-23 9:51:24 PM] Sam Q: period
    [2013-08-23 9:51:30 PM] Sam Q: fact
    [2013-08-23 9:51:31 PM] Sam Q: thats all
    [2013-08-23 9:51:35 PM] Sam Q: You want a refund? I agreed to it
    [2013-08-23 9:51:42 PM] Sam Q: But you have no grounds for a shitlist
    [2013-08-23 9:51:48 PM] Sam Q: see
    [2013-08-23 9:51:51 PM] Sam Q: here are the rules
    [2013-08-23 9:52:19 PM] Sam Q:
    2. You must attempt all reasonable forms of resolution before posting a thread in this section. This includes diligently exhausting all forms of contact, waiting for 72 hours at a minimum, and informing the other party of your intention to shitlist them.

    3. You must state your case as clearly as you can in your first post. Include all the evidence you can; logs of conversations, screenshots, links to the accused members profile, links to any posts related to the dispute, and the resolution you are looking for.
    [2013-08-23 9:52:31 PM] Sam Q: Those are the two you are violating.
    [2013-08-23 9:52:40 PM] Sam Q: I am agreeing to the resolution and youre demanding it.
    [2013-08-23 9:52:52 PM] Sam Q: So were almost on the same page, except youre just not listening.
    [2013-08-23 9:53:07 PM] Sam Q: Also, were working it out and youre sitting here threatening me,
    [2013-08-23 9:54:13 PM] Sam Q: So once again, a shit list is not in your power.
    [2013-08-23 9:54:23 PM] Sam Q: I will contact a mod right now, explain the situation
    [2013-08-23 9:54:43 PM] Sam Q: and he will ask if we have reached a solution
    [2013-08-23 9:54:46 PM] L J: You are correct, I need to wait 72 hours before I can create it. Ill create it now and have it sit in draft mode for 72 hours from the point of requesting a refund. Thankis for the clarification
    [2013-08-23 9:54:48 PM] Sam Q: in which case I was say yes
    [2013-08-23 9:54:53 PM] Sam Q: I am refunding him.
    [2013-08-23 9:55:24 PM] Sam Q: And they will say okay, no need for a shitlist then. and then I can have them message you and they can tell you that a shitlist does not apply here.
    [2013-08-23 9:55:28 PM] Sam Q: Agreed?
    [2013-08-23 9:57:21 PM] L J: Sorry Sam. I consider all and any communications terminated as of this point. Thank you for clarifying the rules on the shit list. I took the time to read them. I am creating the thread now and I will wait 72 hours as specificed. If I recieve my refund within that timeframe we are good. If not I will post it. What you choose to do between then is none of my concern. Your agreement to a refund has little weight since you clearly attempted to rip my business off. Take Care
    [2013-08-23 9:58:29 PM] Sam Q: I didn't attempt to rip you off. I maintain that position. That's like saying using a wordpress theme is stealing because you didnt develop wordpress.
    [2013-08-23 9:58:40 PM] Sam Q: Regardless, you will receive your refund.
    [2013-08-23 9:58:55 PM] Sam Q: Once you receive it, I want clarification that you received it.
    [2013-08-23 9:59:02 PM] Sam Q: and then we part ways.
    [2013-08-23 9:59:40 PM] L J: agreed
    [2013-08-23 9:59:50 PM] Sam Q: Agreed. We will speak in a few.
    [2013-08-23 10:00:34 PM] Sam Q: I would apologize for this, but I feel there is no need considering all I am doing is being insulted. So I wish you luck in your future endeavours. Let me know when you receive the refund.
    [10:56:50 AM] L J: I noticed you still never pushed the refund I am taling the proactive approach of contacting Visa. I cannot be bothered with your games. I also created a BHW shitlist thread I will be posting. If it gets approved great, if not well that is fine as well.
    [1:10:30 PM] Sam Q: you cannot do both
    [1:10:43 PM] Sam Q: goodbye piece of shit
    [1:10:45 PM] Sam Q: ill be notifying a moderator of your actions
    [1:10:30 PM] Sam Q: you cannot do both
    [1:10:43 PM] Sam Q: goodbye piece of shit
    [1:10:45 PM] Sam Q: ill be notifying a moderator of your actions
    [1:20:13 PM] Sam Q: Nothing to sya? Didn't think so.
    [1:20:30 PM] Sam Q: Take your visa route then? Doesn't warrant a shitlist. Sorry
    [1:20:35 PM] L J: im busy finishing the BHW thread
    [1:21:03 PM] Sam Q: That's cool, I contacted a mod about it.
    [1:21:21 PM] L J: I followed paypals process. I gave you until this morning for a refund. That is fine. do what you need to do on your end
    [1:21:22 PM] Sam Q: Letting him know your intentions of using it against me, breaking rules number 2 and 3.
    [1:21:35 PM] L J: you do what you need to do
    [1:21:36 PM] Sam Q: [August 25, 2013 12:54 AM] L J:

    <<< Sorry Sam. I consider all and any communications terminated as of this point. Thank you for clarifying the rules on the shit list. I took the time to read them. I am creating the thread now and I will wait 72 hours as specificed. If I recieve my refund within that timeframe we are good. If not I will post it. What you choose to do between then is none of my concern. Your agreement to a refund has little weight since you clearly attempted to rip my business off. Take Care
    [1:21:48 PM] Sam Q: Actually, you have me until monday.
    [1:22:34 PM] L J: that changed when I realized you werer not in greenville US and I don't believe your name is Katylin
    [1:22:51 PM] Sam Q: I'm not in greenville, im in California.
    [1:23:07 PM] Sam Q: Greenville is a joke and Kaitlyn is my accoutant.
    [1:23:19 PM] L J: not based on your clock timezone you are not. Regardless you do what need to do
    [1:23:42 PM] Sam Q: Youre like a child.
    [1:23:43 PM] Sam Q: I cannot reason with a child.
    [1:24:02 PM] Sam Q: I cannot resolve things amicably with a child because the child does not listen.
    [1:24:14 PM] Sam Q: The child wants things one way.
    [1:24:19 PM] L J: I am requesting a refund that did not happen yet. I am just doing what I feel is justified. What happens with that happens.
    [1:24:25 PM] Sam Q: No, youre just angry.
    [1:24:30 PM] Sam Q: That is all.
    [1:24:33 PM] L J: so contact who you want do what you need to do. Doesn't matter
    [1:24:49 PM] Sam Q: You must have got a good reeming from your superiors or your investors.
    [1:25:26 PM] Sam Q: I never said no to your refund.
    [1:25:30 PM] Sam Q: In fact, i said yes.
    [1:25:44 PM] Sam Q: You insist on shitlisting someone over labor day weekend?
    [1:26:28 PM] Sam Q: You get your money either way, so I dont see the problem.
    [1:26:32 PM] L J: I have not recieved it yes so I am taking actions that I feel necessary. A famous saying I use in conference calls is I don't care what dog ate your homework. You offered a refund, I have yet to see it so I am just doing what I feel is necessary until I get a resolution.
    [1:26:49 PM] Sam Q: Well, like I said the shitlist wont help you get it any faster.
    [1:27:02 PM] L J: That doesn't bother me in the least
    [1:27:07 PM] Sam Q: See there? Anger.
    [1:27:12 PM] L J: I just know you owe me 800USD and I have yet to see it
    [1:27:13 PM] Sam Q: Yep.
    [1:27:15 PM] Sam Q: and with the shitlist
    [1:27:19 PM] Sam Q: your BEST route
    [1:27:31 PM] Sam Q: in which I will fight
    [1:27:33 PM] Sam Q: is to do a chargeback
    [1:27:37 PM] Sam Q: I will fight so it takes months to get back
    [1:28:05 PM] L J: good to know. Doesn't change what I am doing. Timeframe doesn't bother me either. I piss 800$.
    [1:28:10 PM] Sam Q: Then whats the point?
    [1:28:21 PM] Sam Q: "What you feel is right"
    [1:28:24 PM] Sam Q: Full of shit.
    [1:28:37 PM] Sam Q: Yea erase it
    [1:28:57 PM] L J: I have yet to recieve the refund. So until I get it, however that is I am following what I feel is correct action. Nothing is going to change that. Contact a mod, the shitlist may not get approved none of that bothers me
    [1:29:13 PM] Sam Q: So why waste your time?
    [1:29:22 PM] Sam Q: I mean its as if i am talking to a sociopath.
    [1:29:31 PM] L J: Process
    [1:30:00 PM] Sam Q: Well good luck with your little process.
    [1:30:04 PM] L J: Thanks

    Link to facebook app (not sure if it still works):
    Link to the free script:
    Photo of the facebook app live:

    Source of "created" facebook app:
    <!DOCTYPE HTML><html>
      <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
      <meta name="viewport" content="user-scalable=no, width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0"/>
      <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes" />
      <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style" content="black" />
      <meta name="interface" content="desktop" />
      <link href='https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Slackey' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>
    <link href='https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Rosario:400,700' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
      <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="../media/css/reset.css" />
      <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="../media/css/slot.css" />
    <body style="overflow-x:none">
    <div id="topbar" style="height:40px;background-color:black;width:100%;position:absolute;top:0;color:white;opacity:0.8"><div style="width:33%;float:left">1</div><div style="width:33%;float:left">You have XX coins!</div><div style="width:33%;float:left">Heya Lindsay!</div></div>
      <div id="viewport">
        <div id="container">
          <div id="header">
        <h1 style="font-weight:700">Slots Machine</h1>
        <h3>Play and Win</h3>
          <div id="reels">
        <canvas id="canvas1" width="70" height="300"></canvas>
        <canvas id="canvas2" width="70" height="300"></canvas>
        <canvas id="canvas3" width="70" height="300"></canvas>
        <div id="overlay">
          <div id="winline"></div>
        <div id="results">
          <div id="score">
            <span id="multiplier">0</span> x <img src="../media/img/gold-64.png"/>
          <div id="status"></div>
          <div id="buttons">
        <div id="play" class="button button-default" style="font-family:'Rosario'">Play</div>
      <script type="text/javascript" src="../media/js/jquery.min.js" ></script>
      <script type="text/javascript" src="../media/js/slot.js"></script>
      <script type="text/javascript">$(function() { SlotGame(); });</script>
    For source of the free app refer to link

    Photo of the source code (to show there was no editing)

    Thanks for your time BHW
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  2. jazzc

    jazzc Moderator Staff Member Moderator Jr. VIP

    Jan 27, 2009
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    Approved. Accused member is already aware.
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  3. SmileAtmyWins

    SmileAtmyWins BANNED BANNED

    Feb 13, 2010
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    Yep, I sure am aware. You can go ahead and ban my account. I believe the user broke the rules. He gave me less than 24 hours to refund him and immediately shitlisted me. Regardless of what I said I would do or when I would do it, he broke the SL rules. Obviously, those are not very strict. I've had a lovely time here, good day to you all.
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    Last edited: Aug 24, 2013
  4. HerpDerpSlerp

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    Mar 19, 2013
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    You clearly stated that you would not refund the money if this was created and threatened to purposely prolong the refund which falls under "You must attempt all reasonable forms of resolution before posting a thread in this section" which would mean waiting the time-frame a moot point. If you wish to tarnish your good reputation here that is too bad. I can care less about the money. In fact, when I do get the cash I will be becoming a Jr.VIP for the prompt response of the moderators.

    I feel there is nothing else to add from myself. Sorry it came to this. You know what needs to be done for a resolution
  5. TimeMachine

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    Jul 17, 2008
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    This Guy is bad news,, Beware,,
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  6. jazzc

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    Jan 27, 2009
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    So, you mean you agree you are a scammer?

    Seriously? "Oh no, he threw a chewing gum on the street, he should be arrested and I shouldn't have to defend myself". Did you really think that way?

    Simple things are simple.

    You are either denying what the OP is accusing you of, or you 're not. If not, you 'll have to give a refund. Doesn't get simpler than that.
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  7. SmileAtmyWins

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    Feb 13, 2010
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    No. What I am saying was that I agreed to the refund. Obviously, if it was in my account I wold have sent. So, I planned on initiating a bank transfer. As you can see from the chat excerpt, I agreed to the refund. He said if it wasnt within 72 hours, he'd post this. He posted this today, after speaing with me. Then, I sent PM to the Mods to tell them I am going to refund him, I just cannot until that comes in. But I was requested a refund, shitlisted, and shitlist approved all within 24 hours? Seems a little extreme. I do not feel that an open shitlist is warranted under those circumstances. Why? Because I agreed to refunding the client which means it was already decided upon that I am a scammer? Thats not right. Please ban my account, if the moderators don't even enforce the rules that are in stated in the SL, what other rules don't they enforce? I'm all set guys. It's been fun, no I am not a scammer, the op will get his refund regardless because he filed with visa and paypal. Good day, all.
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  8. jazzc

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    Jan 27, 2009
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    Don't pull that crap on me kid.

    Will you or will you not refund the OP? It 's either a yes or a no.
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  9. oxonbeef

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    Jan 4, 2009
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    Agree a time frame for the funds to be transferred and ask for the thread to be locked until that time.
    As you have agreed to refund and the Op may have been a little hasty it would be in neither of you or
    the boards interest for this to become a slanging match prematurely.
    However a piece of advice, don't go shouting "Ban me!" I's neither productive to you or the Op
    who deserves his money back.

    [Damn! I'm begging to sound like my dad. I did used to enjoy a shitlist on a Saturday night.]
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  10. SmileAtmyWins

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    Feb 13, 2010
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    I am sorry that you're offended that I said you dont enforce you're own rules. However, I said I would agree to refund the op to the op in our chat logs, in the PM to you JazzC, and I've said it in this thread. The fact the refund was requested, and granted, then I am shitlisted in less than 24 hours, is appauling. In the end, yes OP will be refunded. I've been saying that the whole time. I've met some good IM'ers here. I wish you all nothing but the best. Cheers!

    QUOTE=jazzc;5966275]Don't pull that crap on me kid.

    Will you or will you not refund the OP? It 's either a yes or a no.[/QUOTE]
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  11. jazzc

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    Ah, so you will refund the OP at some point in the future, but not here, so that no one can see if you 're good to your word or not. Right.

    It is noteworthy how you haven't bothered to refuse the accusations but you are still trying to hide behind bullshit, even at this point of the thread. The moment I read the PM you sent me, I came here and approved the shitlist. Because it was very clear you were trying to avoid being a man by trying to find skirts to hide behind.

    I suggest you grow some balls and take responsibility for your actions, instead of pulling the crybaby act.
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  12. HerpDerpSlerp

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    Mar 19, 2013
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    It was clearly stated that this thread would be locked if you gave a timeframe of refund. This response just shows my justification for my proactive approach to this situation. Moderators choice to run a forum does not justify your actions. This only shows immaturity on your part

    Damn straight I will get a refund. Both paypal and Visa are always good to me. It is your choice if you want to continue to make excuses for not refunding me because you have no intentions of refunding me to begin with. You are the only one that will suffer here and I think the moderators have been more than willing to work with you for a resolution.

    The choice is yours. Refund me within a specified timeframe, keep your history here intact and continue your business


    Don't refund me. Visa refunds me anyway and corrective action is taken against your account.

    Pretty black and white.
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  13. oxonbeef

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    Jan 4, 2009
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    Don't get confused, that was only a suggestion to the accused to avoid mud slinging.
    As jazzc said to him, "Man up." I think the accused integrity has already been placed under the spotlight
    for us all to make our own judgement of his work ethic. It's now just for us to find what his moral ethic is.
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  14. SmileAtmyWins

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    Feb 13, 2010
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    This app was NOT DONE, hence my request for more time, and I was using this boilerplate to integrate into the Facebook API. This was not a proper rendition of the app aesthetically, as I sent him very high quality illustrations of what the game was to be. The script in reference involves NO databasing I/O,(required for his dynamic features) no Facebook API integration, many errors to be fixed, ETC, all of which was in progress. This is also set up on a Django powered server and was set up to be ported over to Python, from the basic idea of JS app. I was not told that he had inhouse graphics and sound, so much of my time was squandered illustrating a design that did not have to be illustrated, as well as looking for proper sounds. Regardless of this I have agreed to the full refund, and yet here I stand, in direct violation of shitlist rules.
  15. jazzc

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    Jan 27, 2009
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    When are you going to issue the refund?

    Ok, I will issue the OP a verbal warning for not abiding to one of the shitlist rules. Here you go, you now have no excuse of not following through with the refund. Waiting for you to let us know if you 're issuing it today or tomorrow.
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  16. SmileAtmyWins

    SmileAtmyWins BANNED BANNED

    Feb 13, 2010
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    You're requesting this on labor day weekend? Bank transfers take time, it's been less than 24 hours since I was even asked for a refund. I will refund him within 7 days, that's a safe and realistic timeframe. Since the OP is in violation of rules #2 and #3, I am requesting this thread be locked until the refund is given.
  17. HerpDerpSlerp

    HerpDerpSlerp Power Member

    Mar 19, 2013
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    You stated that what you have built so far resembled the two example applications. What was shown was 5 minute work. In fact on conference the exact quote my lead programmer said was "wow, it looks like this guy just googled a free slot app and uploaded it. Let me check something for you" and sure enough the first link was what you have which threw me for a loop and I disconnected the call.

    I asked for proof of work, you never supplied it. You supplied nothing which caused our rapport to self destruct and here we are. In your defense using open source like wordpress (as you said) or even this script is fine when creating projects. However, our agreement on the 6th was pretty clear. Your words of progress was pretty clear and what you provided was not only not what anyone expected it was just copy-pasta.

    I don't understand how any programmer can justify that as 18 days work. Your way of dancing around not only this project but a 'refund' is the sole reason of me expediting corrective action.

    You completely have the ability to fix this. I wish you would as you don't want to bite the hand that feeds you (BHW). It does not bother me in the least if I have to wait a week or 18 months for a refund. I would prefer it from you directly so we can all go on with life but if not Visa and Paypal will resolve the issue and you will be the only one that suffers.

    If you are trying to "get back at me" by holding these funds up the amount in question does not hurt my bottom line at all.

    Lets work together for a resolution here.
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  18. jazzc

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    Jan 27, 2009
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    So, Paypal was an option for you when getting paid, but is not an option when giving refunds? Or is Paypal also closed for the day?

    A realistic frame? A full week? If you don't have the money and need some time to get it, I can understand that, otherwise it 's far from a "realistic" timeframe. In any case, if the OP agrees to that, I 'm fine with it.
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  19. SmileAtmyWins

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    Feb 13, 2010
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    What I googled was your company and what I found out was nothing. Your ridiculous flexing is absurd at this point. I have not danced around a refund. "I am requesting 7 days for the refund". It's a holiday weekend so I won't get hat bank transfer until sometime next week. I've been wanting to work this out from the start and yet here I stand. Under the gun, trying to still resolve this amicably.
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    Feb 13, 2010
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    See, I didn't anticipate having to pay this immediately. I already agreed to refunding him. He blocked me on skype as well and brought it here. Which was unnecessary. Is my request for this thread to be locked out of principle denied?