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    From here on out, anyone caught falsely or prematurely accusing someone of being a scammer in The Shit List will be permanently banned from the forum at our discretion. Because, frankly, it's getting to be a little god damned ridiculous, especially when only about 25% of the claims in The Shit List were actual scams. It's not fair to the person who's falsely accused, and it's not fair to BHW to cast us in such a negative light. SO, pay close attention:

    BEFORE posting a thread in The Shit List, you MUST try to contact the member using ALL means necessary. Waiting 24-48 hours might be a good idea.

    State your case completely and clearly, including any evidence you have.

    You are prohibited from publishing a shitlist thread about a item or service that wasn't on BHW. Only issues with sellers/vendors that posted in the BST or Service sections, unless the scam was perpetuated by a person in a position of trust. (Staff members, Executive VIP's, etc).

    DO NOT post personal information. (SS#, Phone #, etc)

    We are not and complaints here should pertain to internet marketing.
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