Sharing my Ubot Youtube Viewer Dropbox Link inside(Thanks Everyone for your help)

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    Nov 1, 2013
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    Hey All

    Just made my first ubot program,and am passing it on here so I can finally make a contribution!

    Simple bot that just use HTTP Post your search, loops through ten pages and loads a list of the titles(done in around 4 seconds) around 190 titles per search on average,great for tutorials(why I built it for ubot ha ha),
    select which number on the list and watch,very comfortable,runs very fast,and I am pretty sure it removes duplicates(i've only just made it,so it mightn't)

    Anyways I am sure most guys here have some bad ass bots for chilling out on youtube,for those who dont heres a does what it says solution,please do not start posting free bots you can get off the net,ha ha

    I would have never come across software like this if this site wasn't around so thank you all,hopefully as I progress with Ubot I can add more complex goodies

    If someone can post my dropbox link please PM me and post it here I would really appreciate it(BHW says I havnt been here long enough to post links)
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