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    HI all.
    I want to start sharing some methods that paid almost decent money to me.


    i ve wanted to get a hot women pics site. Just because everytime i see a good ass i look at it. lol. thats nature.

    i went to KW research. I found some KWs that go along with name of women.
    angelina jolie without clothes.
    so my KW is "without clothes" and will work with any woman.

    so in steps:

    #1. found my KW.

    #2. bought domian with that kw.

    #3. Name lists. i ve searched on the net for famous woman names list. ( example : in hot women sites.. or searching "hot 100 women of 2011", etc). i got my list and was very large.

    #4. i ve developed a bot that do the following:
    1. grab the first name on the list.
    2. goes to g00gle and bing image search and download the first 50 images under that name.
    3. rename the image under the name plus a number.
    4. go on with the rest of the list.

    #5. I made an admin page in the site thats shows 50 images and with javascript i selected the hottest ones. this selection may be fun and quick. So at the end of this process u get a list of hot women pics.

    #6. i made the other pages of the site that navigates this list and show them to the user. and user can search, etc etc.

    #7. so i got my image site. BUT everytime a user searchs for a name that is not on the list automatically that name goes to the list for the robot to download the images. and i select the hottest ones again... so is an auto feeder kind of thing.

    so this site started to rank for searches like "beyonce without clothes." "rhiana without clothes" etc etc.

    was very good.

    y put adsense on it ,.. it paid somehitng but didnt last cause of the nudity. so i put juicy ads. and adult friend finder etc.

    so the thing is... this was a good idea but the nudity , at least in this case.. didnt paid to well. but it paid.

    so here.
    i was very glad that this site works now without putting to much effort.

    u have to come up with the list.
    then make a selection process.
    then weekly or so , spend some time selecting the new ones ( the ones that the sites user searched ).

    So basically i wanted to share the concept. I may work with different scenarios.

    In this case i used:

    1. imacros
    2. php and mysql.
    3. javascript.

    I have more stuff like this to share. People with this kind of ideas will be very welcome to chat.
    I am from sudamerica and i have IT skills.
    Never did a JV kind of thing. But i think its time to share and meet buddys that i can work with with this kind of things.

    Cheers everyone