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May 6, 2009
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I've used the Search, but I do not really found a hoster with good feedback, except perhaps Volumedrive.
After I've searched a lil bit with google, I've found two Hoster:

What do you think about these? Feedback?
And wich is better Linux or Windows?

Thanks a lot!!!

regrads albiiii
Well mate blackhost is cheaper, so i think you should go for it.
VD is not offshore. and they have crap support [no support mayb even?]
kay thx good to know ;)

do you have a link? I can't find the page with google ^^

Great service, quick support and cheap...
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thx loki8, but offshore on undershare isn't cheaper than the other two.
That's the reason, why I want to know something about ccihosting and backhost, because they are cheap.
Tell us a bit more about what you want to do with the host? What is important: disk space, bandwidth, CPU, etc. I vastly prefer VPS instances. I've found this resource to be super helpful:
ah ok ;)
Want to host my Escort Site:
Disk Space: 10 - 15 GB
Bandwidth: 100 - 150 GB (think it's enough^^)
the rest doesn't matter ;)
Voidstone used to be pretty popular among BH people. I just visited and it seems that the only way to get a package right now is contacting their sales dept.
a good site to find hosting offers and info on a host is at . they have have alot of good host there that offer cheap offshore hosting. although i would read the reviews about the host first .scorpio hosting is who i use for offshore hosting their cheap and allow black hat sites.
Do any of these offshore host has copyright conditions? Will they pull your site for copyright stuff
sooo domain registered at goddady with fake name^^
But one big question left...
Should I use fake infos for my hosting or real name?

P.S. I've made my decision for

Thanks ;D
Linux !!! No doubt!

Do you need to know any linux coding/programming/administration to use a linux based server?

I'm on the process of getting a VPS or dedicated server and I have no clue on what I need OS wise. I think i would be happy if I could just use cPanel :p
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