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<SHARE>What methods do you use to keep accounts alive?

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by xzzxpimpxzzx, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. xzzxpimpxzzx

    xzzxpimpxzzx BANNED BANNED

    May 5, 2007
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    Hey guys I wanted to start a thread in here so everyone can share there
    methods that keep them from getting there accounts disabled. Recently
    I've realized that Facebook is starting to disable my accounts when I've
    been using the same methods for months. A few key aspects to mention
    in your post would be:

    (All content shared should be in relation to a 24hr period.)

    1)How many friends do you add?
    -Is it all at once(if so what is your delay) or spread throughout the day?
    -Do you add messages to your friend request?

    2)How many wall post do you post on friends pages?

    3)How many picture comments do you leave?

    4)How many wall comments do you leave?

    5)How many wall post do you make on fan pages?
    -Do these post have URL's in them?
    -Is your content spun?

    6)How many messages do you send to user's that are not friends?
    -Is it all at once(if so what is your delay) or spread throughout the day?

    7)How many friends do you invite to an event?

    8)How many account's do you load onto one proxy?

    9)How many "likes" do you make on walls, pictures, etc.?

    If you would like to add content that I've missed feel free!
    Thanks for sharing.