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Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by zimsabre, Jul 17, 2011.

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    OK so I have been working on a concept which as for the most part has banked but needs tweaking so this thread need input!

    It involves content locking and face book advertising.

    The idea comes from a pull back toy car, you know the ones you pull it back and off it goes. basically with minimal effort you pull the car back and it shoots off across the floor. Sounds strange I know but bare with me..

    I wanted to use face book adverts as the pull back mechanism to build up my kinetic energy then sent it off down through the face book news feed virally.

    PS. I do not know how black hat this is but I am guessing it breaks many "rules"

    Step 1: Create an advert, which sends traffic off to a content locked site. (I found having the content locker turned off while the advert got approved was the way to go)

    Step 2: the locked site was locked using a simple share this set-up (basically the user would share the page on their wall before they got a chance to view the page)

    The Twist: The shared page I used was actually a rotating list of url shorteners of a different page that looked the exact same except this time I had the page locked with CPA offers.

    Conclusion: I would then get free advertising to all of the original persons friends through the news feed.

    You do the maths, if on average each person who shared the locked page has 100 friends your talking about allot of free advertising.

    One run banked me $75 and the advert cost me a little over $16 over 2 days.

    I thought id share this but i would like some feedback please.
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    Do you know where i can get some free cupon for facebook ads to test them out ?