ShadowBroker's announce subscription service for their next Zero-Days!

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    Looks like the group responsible for WannaCry, and many other worldwide cyber attacks is preparing their next package of zero days for those willing to pay.

    The subscription service is 21,000$ / month. Here is their announcement:

    Welcome to TheShadowBrokers Monthly Dump Service – June 2017

    Q: How do I subscribe and get the next theshadowbrokers’ dump (June 2017)?

    #1 - Between 06/01/2017 and 06/30/2017 send 100 ZEC (Zcash) to this z_address:


    #2 – Include a “delivery email address” in the “encrypted memo field” when sending Zcash payment

    #3 – If #1 and #2 then a confirmation email will be sent to the “delivery email address” provided

    #4 – Between 07/01/2017 and 07/17/2017 a “mass email” will be send to the “delivery email address” of all “confirmed subscribers” (#1, #2, #3)

    #5 – The “mass email” will contain a link and a password for the June 2017 dump

    Q: What is ZEC or Zcash?

    Be looking it up. Zcash is making claiming bitcoin + privacy. TheShadowBrokers is not making endorsements of Zcash. Theoretically only party seeing payment info is theshadowbrokers and theshadowbrokers only seeing amount and encrypted memo field, no sending address.

    Q: Is Zcash safe and reliable?

    Fuck no! If you caring about loosing $20k+ Euro then not being for you. Monthly dump is being for high rollers, hackers, security companies, OEMs, and governments. Playing “the game” is involving risks. Zcash is having connections to USG (DARPA, DOD, John Hopkins) and Israel. Why USG is “sponsoring” privacy version of bitcoin? Who the fuck is knowing? In defense, TOR is originally being by similar parties. TheShadowBrokers not fully trusting TOR either. Maybe USG is needing to be sending money outside from banking systems? If USG is hacking and watching banking systems (SWIFT) then adversaries is also hacking and watching banking systems. Maybe is for sending money to deep cover foreign assets? Maybe is being trojan horse with cryptographic flaw or weakness only NSA can exploit? Maybe is not being for money? Maybe is being for Zk-SNARKs research? Maybe fuck it, lets be finding out. This month theshadowbrokers using Zcash. If being not good, then maybe theshadowbrokers doing different for July?

    Q: What is going to be in the next dump?

    TheShadowBrokers is not deciding yet. Something of value to someone. See theshadowbrokers’ previous posts. The time for “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours first” is being over. Peoples is seeing what happenings when theshadowbrokers is showing theshadowbrokers’ first. This is being wrong question. Question to be asking “Can my organization afford not to be first to get access to theshadowbrokers dumps?”

    Act quickly is good chance Zcash price increasing over time

    I do really love them. They exposed a lot to the world. Showed us a world we didn't know it exists. And imho, it's 100% NSA fault. They have been discovering exploits, abusing it for years without reporting them and in the same time they arrest anyone who uses smaller exploits !

    Anyway, Zcash looks a good opportunity to invest. Maybe shadowbrokers was paid to sponsor Zcash and give it a push?

    One more concern, Why most and best anonymity systems always belong to governmental, researches, universities, huge well known companies...etc like TOR for example. It's really suspicious.

    Well, I like the action we are living in, let's grab some popcorn and enjoy the show

    References and More Reads:
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    they did a lot of damage with their last release. can't wait to see what the future holds.
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    if people buy this then zcash will go up
    but whos to say these guys are not in bed with zcash and will sell out their zcash once it rises which will cause a massive crash after or will scam all users with a 51% attack
    so many options for them to scam they could simply take the funds and not send anything lol
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    Did @Neon write that?
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    no listen to please sir me only invest in chickencoin no other coin good is misters pls.
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