Sever Proxies/Multi thread vs Mobile IPs/Single thread for Social Networks?

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Sever Proxies/Multi thread OR Mobile IPs/Single thread for Social Networks?

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  1. Sever Proxies/Multi thread

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  2. Mobile IPs/Single thread

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    Jun 30, 2013
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    If your choices were running a Multi-threaded bot with sever proxies OR using a single threaded bot with mobile ips which would you choose?

    If choosing single thread at what scaling point if any would you choose to switch from single thread to multi?

    If which network or networks you're using changes your choice which networks would you go single or multi thread with?

    Obviously I'm trying to decide which route to go and I can't recall ever seeing this issue brought up so here goes. Right now I'm looking at fb and twitter. Fb seems like mobile ips would be better long term, twitter on the other hand from what I've found research wise it doesn't matter. Multi thread would be easier setup but comes with the hassle of proxies, ending up with blacklisted proxies, downtime, etc. Single thread speed is the issue plus setup. Most bots on the market are based on proxy use so single threaded means custom builds or finding ways to work with marketed bots.

    Any fb or twitter bots out there capable of using DSL?