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    I need someone to set up 100 blogs on free platforms, that Iautoblog supports. You need to be familliar with free blogs and iautoblogs to be able to do this.

    Here is what I need:

    1) 100 blogs created on the recommended platforms that has a low chance of getting removed when using with iautoblog. They will need to be linked randomly to one another.

    2) I will need to place my affiliate banner on the header of each blog.

    3) The footer will have one or two CB affiliate banner. But they will be rotated/ spun to show only one each time.

    4) The side bar will have Chitika Ad banners.

    5) Info link codes to be added to the blogs for in text ads to appear. (optional if its too difficult or increases your price too much).

    5) The content that contains the listed keywords will be linked to my money site (URL will be given).

    I do not have time to coach anyone with this so if you NEED to be very familiar with this to begin with.

    You will also need to have access to PVA email accounts, as you cannot possibly create all the blogs with one email address. I can pay for this if necessary.

    There was a service offering this a while ago but has stopped. So i expect the price to be around the same.

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