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setting up wordpress website (clickbank style) - need your help, bhw!

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by trapkodobry, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. trapkodobry

    trapkodobry Registered Member

    Mar 13, 2012
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    hi guys, im doing im for longer time. im okay with basic wordpess, html and css stuff, but with my latest project, i've hit some problems that i cant (dont know how) deal myself.

    i have lots of products that i am selling online with basic sites like you can see everywhere (cpa, pills, penis extenders, ebooks, video courses). i am also going for other markets also, and not only for eng. market.

    now, problem for me is checkout... i used to have woocommerce checkout for every webpage, but now, when i have more and more products listed, it is getting complicated.

    i wanted to ask you guys, if it isnt possible to build site like CB on wordpress... site, where i could list every product separately, and when you go from my html or wp salespage to actual checkout page - you will see nothing else, then one checkout page (same like cb checkout page).

    is it possilbe to do thing like this with wp woocommerce? i need it because i cant handle 20 diffrent wp checkouts (one for every page)... i would end up spending too much of money just for multiple plugin lincenses and so on...
  2. ivantk

    ivantk Registered Member

    Feb 21, 2014
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    Most of the shopping carts don't allow form submit (add to cart) form an external domain, and you need to do just that.
    I don't know about WooCommerce, but I suspect they have the same security measure.

    Basically, you need to grab the code behind the add to cart button on the WooCommerce products storefornt and put it on your other domains.
    Don't know if this would work.

    Why don't you ask in their support forum about this?