Setting Up New FB Ads Account after getting banned

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by graysqwrl78, Oct 9, 2015.

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    I ran an ad that was marginally against TOS (that I didn't know at the time) and got banned.

    I'm not a blackhat or even greyhat advertiser. I just didn't realize my ad could be considered against TOS.

    After they refused to reactivate my account, I purchased a new FB account & registered a VPS.

    Before I start running ads, can someone please share the very BEST way to set it up and not get banned again. I don't want to run ads for a week or two then accidentally get shut down.

    Should I?

    1. setup a business account using the new FB profile. Or, just run ads as an individual?
    2. register a NEW business page OR transfer admin of my old business page to the new account
    3. Get a pre-paid CC? If so, which one?

    Idk.. is there anything else I should know?

    Sorry for the newb questions, but I never thought I'd have to do this.

    Thanks everyone
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    1. Run you ads as an individual
    2. Register a new business page admin transfer can cause of caught again.
    3. Get Prepaid CC from your area may be these portion is more though because you will find many VCC or Prepaid CC seller but most of them are sucks....