Setting up Magento on 1and1 VPS

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by liarsenic, Dec 23, 2011.

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    I recently had to install Magento on a VPS server a friend rents from 1and1.

    At first, I ran into a lot of trouble running the installation. I couldn't update php without breaking MySql. I spent a lot of time SSHing into CentOS trying to fix this with yum commands and following google results for "Install Magento on 1and1 VPS"

    But SSH and manually updating PHP are totally unnecessary. Here are the steps to updating PHP on your 1and1 virtual server:

    1) Image the server. I used SUSE + Plesk, so I know that works 100 percent. Not 100 percent sure about CentOS, someone let me know in the comments if this works with CEntOS + Plesk

    2) Get your server access info from the server access panel.

    3) Login into Virtuozzo. Click System Services and then check the psa and mysqld services to make sure they are started and that auto-start is enabled. (Virtuozzo doesn't work with Chrome)

    4) Now that plesk is turned on, log into it using the credentials from the server access info page.

    5) Now, update Plesk from the options page.

    6) PHP, MySQL, and Mcrypt are now all magically installed and updated.

    7) Install Magento from the application installer.

    8) You're done. It's that easy.
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    1&1 is by far the WORSTED host I have ever professionally worded with.. OMFG do they suck ass...

    And they sub out all their customer support to PI..

    My advice.. change server companies